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Beyonce Keeps Living Fabulous Life: See Her Vacation Pics

Published January 31, 2014 by gossipzoo

Beyonce and Jay Z

This probably won’t come as much of a shock, but Beyonce and Jay Z are having the best time ever.

The famous couple have been enjoying a Mediterranean getaway filled with luxury yachts, fine wine and adorable PDA, and now you can take a peek inside their international life of luxury. Bey recently added some family vacay pics to her Tumblr so all of us desk-chained mortals can get a taste of paradise.

In her latest batch of personal pics, Mrs. Carter can be found looking photoshoot fresh while chilling in Europe with her famous family. There is glorious scenery, a sun-drenched family portrait, and some mushy shots of Bey and Jay (and their perfect feet.)

Flip through the gallery, above, to see more snaps from Beyonce’s fabulous life. Warning: I don’t think you’re ready to be this jealy.

Justin Bieber to Release New Music in October, Says Manager Scooter Braun

Published January 31, 2014 by gossipzoo

Beliebers out there better leave room on their list to Santa for Justin Bieber‘s new album.

According to the singer’s manager, Scooter Braun, Bieber will be releasing new music right before Christmas as well as a movie following up to 2011 s Never Say Never.

Braun tweeted Monday:

and yes… @justinbieber gives u some new music in October until December and then a special movie on Christmas.

– Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) September 9, 2013

…provided we finish the movie on time @jonmchu

– Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) September 9, 2013

Previously, Braun said that Bieber’s new music will once and for all end the “witch hunt” against the 19-year-old.

“I’ll just tell you that we’re gonna release music in a very, very different way with him,” he told MTV News this summer. “We decided there needs to be a way to release these songs in a different way than the normal album and be able to allow him to express himself in music while dealing with so many different bullshit stories every single day.”

“So we’re hoping the witch hunt’s gonna end when he really just speaks for himself in the music,” he continued.

Um, so unless if there’s going to be a single called “I’m Sorry For Peeing In a Mop Bucket” with profits going to the kitchen staff that had to dispose of his urine, it’s highly doubtful that the world will forget about Biebs’ latest antics by the time his single drops.

Cute Alert: Mariah Carey Tweets Adorable Pics Of Son Moroccan

Published January 30, 2014 by gossipzoo

Dem Babies are growing up before our very eyes.

Mariah Carey took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to share some very cute photos of her budding baby rock star, Moroccan. It looks like this little one is taking after his famous mom.

The singing sensation showed off a gorgeous shot of the curly-haired tot asking a very important question:

Roc: “Mommy, what does it take to be Roc Starr?”

– Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) September 10, 2013

A few moments later, the “#Beautiful” singer revealed her awesome response:

Mommy: “Rocky, just treat it as reality!”

– Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) September 10, 2013

There you have it. Mariah Carey parenting advice to live by. I will now repeat this fabulous affirmation daily.

Moroccan and twin sis Monroe turned two this past April. Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon celebrated their 5th anniversary in May by dressing up as a prince and princess in Disneyland. It was amazing.

Rihanna and Her Bold Blue Look Lead Today’s Star Sightings

Published January 30, 2014 by gossipzoo

Rihanna is feeling a little blue these days. Well, at least that’s what her lips tell us.

The “Stay” songstress was seen leaving her London hotel sporting quite the dramatic look on her pout, turning heads with bold blue lipstick and a see-through mesh shirt for a day out on the town.

Luckily for passerbys, Rihanna opted to cover up her racy ensemble this time.

Launch the gallery above for more of the day’s celebrity sightings.

The Walking Dead: 5 Ways ‘Live Bait’ Could Have Been Better

Published January 29, 2014 by gossipzoo

Walking Dead Live Bait

The Walking Dead is an immensely popular series. So popular, in fact, that there is a network-sponsored talk show devoted to discussion of each episode alongside podcasts which analyse every minute detail of the show. There are websites and fansites and forums. The show is utterly huge, and not without reason – for the most part, The Walking Dead presents high-quality and engaging content to viewers. Yes, for the most part, it’s a great show.

But it’s not always great. Live Bait, the sixth episode of the fourth season, was probably one of the least compelling outings of the entire show thus far. Lacking every member of the main cast, the episode follows the Governor from his final scene in Season 3. As the Governor was not the most well-received character with the audience in the first place, an episode that is one hiatus and half a season away from his last appearance and based entirely on his character was going to be a risky, hit-or-miss venture.

Unfortunately, there was much more missing than there was hitting this week. Live Bait was not a terrible episode, but there were several factors that really could have been handled much better. Here are five of them.

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Ripper Street 2.4 Review, ‘Dynamite And A Woman’

Published January 29, 2014 by gossipzoo

Ripper Street Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Without the appearance of the established villain Shine, the episode was seemingly a ‘crime of the week’ format. Damien Molony is given a chance to show-off his acting credentials in the forth episodes of Ripper Street’s second series as young DC Flight is sent undercover to infiltrate proposed Irish terrorists and yet, the first scene of the episode see’s Flight in a confessional, seeking repentance for lying, what could he have done?

With an Irish prisoner carted through the Irish sector of London, we knew that the poor lawman driving the cart would have an unfortunate end, but it was one so mysterious which caught the eye as he seemingly, died of natural causes and plunged off of the cart, allowing Aiden Galvin (Stanley Townsend) to go free and start causing havoc on Detective Inspector Reid’s streets.

Flight finally got his chance to Shine, he has been portrayed as naive over the last two episodes, now his loyalties are tested, torn between his Irish roots and his career in Whitechapel – an internal conflict which never quite reached a pinnacle, I’m sure most viewing at home weren’t too moved by his story for we are yet to know his character truly.

Galvin proceeds in his actions as a xenophobic politician is blown up in his bed. Galvin is a character to behold in Ripper Street, the 2004 Irish times Best Actor Award winner (for Shining City) Stanley Townsend moulds this fantastic character through gestures and gleeful grins, an eerie yet intriguing villain who rules the episode.

Some police brutality conveys the idea of the xenophobic hierarchy in Britain at the time, a period of tense culture mixing and racism towards the Irish, colonisation at its height. But this episode is not solely focused upon the Irish Home Front, for it is revealed that electricity has played its part with both men’s deaths. Curiously juxtaposing the Irish revolution and electricity contracts, a far fetched plot yet one which worked in Ripper Street’s world. The construction of power stations was simply the goal for two sides, the cause for the violence.


Flight constructs a character to seduce Evelyn, the violin soundtrack haunts these scenes giving them a quintessential charm, the two have great chemistry which is evident throughout. The episode is beautifully coloured, bright and charming, casting Flight and Evelyn half in light and half darkness as they both lie, her claiming she has no father, and he playing the part of Bertrand. The most interesting scene came from Jackson giving Flight lessons in seduction, before Drake gives him a black eye for show, a whole-heartedly scene that displays the friendship and humour between the leads. Reid and Cobden’s relationship seems like it would reach a romance and yet Reid rejects her advances, the only sparks (I apologise for awful puns) are those of a gruesomely fried goats at an electricity demonstration.

A paternity struggle is thrown into the mix at the climax as a plot to blow up politicians is placed in front of Galvin by the man who freed him, one who looks to profit from such an ordeal. As always, Reid and co. arrive at the right moment to foil the villainy, before an ending that resonates that of the first episode of the show.

As the show continues to try to develop to something more than just a police procedural, the audience, for the second week running, have their sympathies lie with the ‘antagonists’. The episode was not the pinnacle of the shows run, i’m sure that is soon to come, as the pace of the episode remained pedestrian, most of the time to the stories benefit but at some points it kept it in the realms of just a good show.

As a side note, if you were watching Ripper Street on BBC you may have noticed the craftily placed advert for Panorama’s Britain’s Secret Terror Force which will focus on the troubles and Britain’s secret army against the IRA, this was definitely not just a coincident.

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Doctor Who: 10 Most Traumatic Companion Departures

Published January 28, 2014 by gossipzoo

Doctor Who Rose Departure

Where would the Doctor be without his companions? In recent years he’s had no more than two at a time, but in the Classic era, it felt sometimes like the TARDIS was abuzz with activity. But still, one thing was for certain – every companion who strides in and mutters “it’s bigger on the inside!” for the first time has to eventually leave at some point in the future.

These exits have been varied. Quite a few have left to lead new lives with new loves in a foreign or distant land (either by location, or by time itself). A few have been simply written out abruptly, such as Liz Shaw, whose departure was simply mentioned in the following episode. Other characters have also failed at being companions – NuWho’s Adam stands out – while others have shuffled off mortal coil althogether, with Katarina being the first companion to die in the adventure The Daleks’ Master Plan.

Katarina was not the final companion to die on screen, or at least being given a sort of death sentence – Amy Pond and Rory Williams left under such circumstances recently – which was very similar to the scenario faced by Rose Tyler. Essentially all three were stuck in situations where they couldn’t see the Doctor anymore, with all the tragedy that brings.

So with this in mind, what were the most traumatic departures for companions? Who were we attached to and didn’t get their happy ending? Here is my top ten…

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Star Trek: The Real Reason Why NBC Cancelled The Original Series Revealed?

Published January 28, 2014 by gossipzoo


We all know why the original Star Trek TV series was cancelled don’t we? Despite the volume of fan support, this simply didn’t translate into viewing figures and the series couldn’t compete. Well, it seems that according to the latest evidence produced in Marc Cushman and Susan Osborn’s book These Are the Voyages: The Original Series: Season One, that this isn’t the entire truth.

Cushman and Osborn’s book is the first in a trilogy about the Original Series and so we won’t know exactly why the series was cancelled until the third season book comes out. But what makes this information so reliable? Well, they have licenced the Nielsen Ratings for each season – the first time they have ever been published. In the first season, the show was the first or second place in its timeslot for every single episode. It was even beating series such as Bewitched during the first season.

We already know some alternative ratings while we wait for the Nielsens. The very first episode of Star Trek received 19.8 percent and 40.6 percent on the Trendex 26-city rating. This means that it was watched by 19.8 percent of all potential television viewers, and an incredible 40.6 percent of all of those watching television at the time. Sure back then there wasn’t the vast volume of channels to whittle away the ratings as there is today, but NBC agreed for a full season within three months and it was renewed for a second season during the following March. According to the Trendex ratings, Star Trek was pushed further down the ratings after ABC moved Bewitched and Love on a Rooftop to compete with it and the show dropped to third in the time slot. However, it seems that on the wider Nielsen ratings, this affect wasn’t seen.

Of course, as with all situations, the networks can’t stop messing with the time slots. So for the second season, it was moved to Friday nights. It was the original “Friday night death slot”. Star Trek beat ABC in the ratings, but was still ranked second in the timeslots. The overall Trendex share had dropped to only 22.5 percent. The thing is, that the show wasn’t even meant to be airing on in the death slot – it had been promised a Tuesday night time slot in order to boost viewers from the first season even further. But after they couldn’t jiggle the time slots, all that was left was the Friday night slot.

Star Trek was hit hard by the Friday night slot – it meant younger viewers couldn’t watch it and besides, this was the sixties – their key demographic simply wasn’t watching television on a Friday night. In fact, the biggest success of that timeslot was the movie of the week on another network. Yep, Star Trek kept losing out to a random movie each week. NBC to their credit looked to replace The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with Star Trek on Monday nights but that just didn’t happen either and it stayed on Friday evenings.

Rumours were spread that cancellation was imminent, although NBC denied this. A fan campaign led by Bjo Trimble (and possibly engineered by Gene Roddenberry) resulted in around 160,000 letters of support being sent to the network. This was of course in a time without the internet or any real way to organise the support – just fanzines. NBC finally realised that Friday night for Star Trek was a terrible idea, and tried to move it to a Monday night instead for the third season. It was going to replace Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, but the presenters kicked up such a fuss and threatened to go to another network that this plans were scrapped. Again Star Trek didn’t have anywhere else to go and it was dumped on an even worse time slot on Friday nights – airing at 10pm.

With that bad a timeslot and with only 181 NBC affiliates out of 210 showing the series, there was simply no way that Star Trek could survive given the budget (even if the third season had been reduced). The actors weren’t happy with the product that the third season was producing and Gene Roddenberry had already walked out. In the end, the ratings weren’t there, it was too expensive and it simply had no one fighting the show’s corner on a daily basis with the network.

The truth of the matter is that NBC took a show that was winning its timeslot and messed with it until it couldn’t possibly survive. I can point to at least three shows this season that the American networks are doing the same thing to, as it is far easier to avoid a negative reaction to a show if no one is watching it or liking it anymore. With Star Trek, NBC simply didn’t bargain that the fan base was as stubborn as hell (good on you all!) and wouldn’t stop wanting the product.

Of course we can all say that NBC made a mistake in cancelling Star Trek. But perhaps the greater mistake is by CBS – after all, they passed on Star Trek and made Lost in Space instead.

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Sunderland Transfers: 5 Recent Players Black Cats Should Not Have Sold

Published January 27, 2014 by gossipzoo

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

It’s safe to say that Sunderland are struggling.

Even though results have been somewhat positive recently and their home form has improved dramatically with wins over Newcastle United, Manchester City and Southampton (that one in the League Cup), they still sit second from bottom in the table. For the Black Cat fanatics, they just seem to stutter from season to season and to the fans, it is massively frustrating.

Some say it will be the constant stream of managers, others will say it’s the tactics. However some of the blame may go towards those who have been shown the door over the last couple of seasons. Both members of the youth team and senior squad showed glimpses of ability and talent, but in the end, they were either forgotten about or left for the bigger clubs to pry them away from Wearside.

The players that make an immediate impacts are the ones the fans take to very quickly, Lorik Cana, is an example and was one of my personal favourites. His tackles and leadership qualities were exactly what Sunderland craved for, but sadly his form plummeted and was sold in the summer.

There are a few names that may spark debates – so with out further or do, let’s look at the five players that Sunderland should NOT have sold over the last few seasons.

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Person Of Interest 4.9, ‘The Crossing’ Review

Published January 27, 2014 by gossipzoo

The Crossing

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Last week I said Person of Interest delivered the best episode of the season, but that was just topped by ‘The Crossing’. The episode was tense the entire time through the story, delivering twists, great character interactions, excellent acting and very surprising moments. Emotions rode high throughout and did not let up until the episode’s closing moments.

‘The Crossing’ reminded me very much of Season 1 s standout episode and finale ‘Firewall’ as several groups converged on Reese, but much more than Reese’s life was on the line this time around. The majority of the POI team was under attack as HR raced to rescue its captured leader. Speaking of him, Quinn’s banter got a little tiresome as he kept repeating lines such as “This is my city, don’t you get it?” or “You two are on the losing side” or variations of those. That is my only negative of the episode, but then it was very pleasing to see Reese sedate Quinn as he was in the middle of one of those lines.

Since the promos hinted at Fusco dying, a large portion of the emotion came from his end as he spent the majority of the episode in Simmons’ custody. His torture was fairly brutal and the acting displayed by Kevin Chapman was the best I’ve seen of him on the show thus far. Fusco has been a character who has fallen flat for me on several occasions. It’s not that I don’t like him or Chapman, it’s just the writing team have seemed as if they don’t know what to with him from time to time. One moment he’s being a clean cop, the next he’s doing something a little dirty to protect his skin. ‘The Crossing’ though showed his true mettle as he lied to Simmons’ about the location of Carter’s evidence, buying himself and the rest of the POI team to strike at HR. His heartfelt phone call to his son was not only one of the strongest scenes of the episode, but one of Chapman’s overall best scenes of the entire series. One subtle aspect of it I loved was the look of relief and thankfulness on his face as Shaw saved his son, being completely okay with the fact it would probably mean his own death as long as his son lived. Then they had to go and add icing on top with an escape even Reese would be proud of.

Person of Interest

Reese and Carter’s interactions were another positive aspect of the story. As a viewer of Person of Interest since the beginning, I very much appreciated the nods to the start of the series as Reese reflected on the subway fight and their very first discussion in the pilot. While Reese and Carter have shared a camaraderie due to their military experiences, once again shown when they literally compare battle scars, I’ve never thought they’ve had much romantic chemistry until this episode. That’s not to say there hasn’t been some level of sexual tension between them as Reese has often been very protective of Carter, but the kiss was something I still did not see coming though strictly because they never played those romantic feelings up so much before. At first I found it a little jarring, but came to like it after some thought; on any other show Reese and Carter’s relationship would have played out with the Will They or Won’t They? question continuously lingering over them, but it felt a little more natural in ‘The Crossing’.

The HR story has closed, at least for time being, but not without a huge loss. Because of the kiss, I had thought Carter was safe since it looked like the series would pursue a new direction between herself and Reese, but the final moments proved that belief wrong. It was an ending I didn’t quite see coming in an episode already full of unpredictable events. I’m personally excited to see how Reese handles this loss in the conclusion to Person of Interest’s three part storyline and if Simmons’ number will finally be up.

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