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Anthony Weiner’s Former Sexting Partner Lisa Weiss: ‘I Don’t Think He Should Resign’

Published November 7, 2013 by gossipzoo

Anthony Weiner's Former Sexting Pal Lisa Weiss

Despite being genuinely “shocked” to read that Anthony Weiner had taken up another cyber mistress (and got caught… again), Lisa Weiss is still standing by her former sexting political pal.

“I still defend the guy. To tell the truth, I was very surprised when it came out again. But I still believe in all of his political views,” Weiss told Celebuzz.

“I know everyone is pulling for him to resign [his candidacy]. I don’t think he should resign. I didn’t feel that the first time. I think I’m probably one of the very few who still support him.”

Well, that’s not 100 percent true. Along with Weiss (in spirit), Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin has been literally right by her husband’s side on the NYC mayoral campaign trail.

“Maybe they have some kind of understanding,” opined Weiss.

“He’s got a beautiful wife and I can’t think of why he has the need to talk to other people,” she added. “It’s a strange little habit he has. I don’t know why and what he gets out of it.”

Despite the uproar over his latest lewd messages, Weiner is still not giving up on the race even though his campaign manager threw in the towel, adamantly saying last week, “quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City.”

“I think a lot of people do a lot of things and can compartmentalize their job and personal issues,” added Weiss.

“I would say that I think Americans are so puritanical about sex. He’s not a priest or stand on moral family values. He isn’t someone who has ever preached morality so I don’t think he’s a hypocrite at all in any way,” she continued. “I think, honestly, he’s never claimed to be a one man, one woman proponent like the moral majority. If his wife is okay with it and the people in New York think he’ll do a good job, his sex life has nothing to do with it.”

Weiss said if the public outcry wasn’t about Weiner’s sexual proclivities, we wouldn’t really care.

“Because it’s sexual thing people are saying it’s going to take a lot of time from doing his job,” she said. “But if he was doing something else or playing video games, it wouldn’t mean anything.

“Sex and politics, it’s not like he did anything illegal.

“Maybe this is his stress reliever and there are men who pay golf 20 hours a week to do that,” she joked.

“It wasn’t a great thing to do and not a smart thing to do when in public office, but I don’t think its as horrible people are making it. I think they should be discussing the issues, that’s what more important.”

Yet with all her cheering from the sidelines, Weiss believes there isn’t much hope (politically speaking) for the controversial candidate.

“To me, unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to win this way and it’s because he sexted people. It’s almost too bad.”

Weiss, 43, who insists she hasn’t been in touch with Weiner at all since their sexting scandal (along with four other women) surfaced two years ago, has moved on with her life in Las Vegas where she continues to work as a blackjack dealer.

“I think a lot of what he does is weird. But I did it too, so I guess that makes me a little weird too. So I am not one to judge,” she said.

“I think he showed very poor judgment, and myself included. He should have been a little more discreet and I should have too.

“I’m sure a lot of people think I’m a dirty pervert, I went through a lot of that. But I’m not. That was the worst misconception. I was just talking to him. Not everything we talked about was sex. We talked about politics and life and things like that.”

And it’s haunted her to this day.

“I felt terrible in my part for hurting his career and for the things I said. I would never do it again. It’s horrifying.”

So coming from someone who’s been through the ringer of public scrutiny, she’s got a few words of wisdom for Weiner’s latest sext gal-turned-porno-star Sydney Leathers.

“She is going to get a lot of crap from a lot of people and it’s going to be hurtful,” Weiss said.

“All I can tell her is be prepared. I’m sure she can take it. She looks tough and can handle it. But I didn’t like it. I wish I hadn’t been a part of it.”

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