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5 Reasons Why The Saturdays Are NOT The New Spice Girls

Published April 24, 2013 by gossipzoo


It seems that the teenies decade will be remembered in years to come as a period of boy band and girl band renaissance. Not since the mid to late nineties have there been so many pop groups on the scene, but more importantly, so many killing it on tour but on the charts scene as well.

In 2013 there are really only 4 significant girl groups worth mentioning. Little Mix, Girls Aloud, Fifth Harmony and of course, The Saturdays.

Starting their career in 2008, manufactured by Polydor & Fascination executives, The Saturdays have cemented a solid career in the UK with 3 top 10 albums and 11 top ten singles. But with a new show on the E! Network documenting the band’s attempt to crack the notoriously ruthless American market, comparisons to the most successful girl group of all time, the Spice Girls, have began to creep up.

Una, Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie and Vanessa have enjoyed being referred to as “the new Spice Girls”, but will their hopes be realised over in the States? I’m taking a look at 5 reasons why the Satrudays aren’t the new Spice Girls, but more importantly they shouldn’t be trying to be next big thing in the first place.

5. The Girls


Lets start with the most important ingredients in making a girl band successful – the members of the band themselves. Although put together by a record label, The Saturdays’ girls had been pursuing solo projects with varied degrees of success for many years prior to their break.

Frankie and Rochelle were part of S Club Juniors when they first started out in the early 2000s. Vanessa was a avid member of the music program at her school in southern England and Mollie auditioned on the X Factor as part of girl band “Fallen Angelz”, which has since folded. Finally, Una, had been giving a career a crack over in Ireland with limited success, but was close to representing Ireland at Eurovision.

All the lovely ladies were thrown together and began their UK success story with their debut single and album charting in the Top 10 of the chart.

As a public, the UK have seen multiple fly on the wall documentaries that explore their apparent trials and tribulations of being in the group. From behind the scenes exclusives, to personal insights into touring and of course the luxuries of being a pop star in the first place, the British audience has grown to love the Saturdays.

The girls are not boring by any measure, but they aren’t setting the world on fire with outrageous personalities either. Their on stage dancing isn’t exactly world class. Actually, its quite sloppy and painfully obvious that the girls aren’t great at it. American critics have already picked up on the poor execution of choreography from the get go, which isn’t ideal for the group.

Arguably it is more important for a girl group to be visually appealing, especially when voices can be digitally improved. They are beautiful and sexy women, but that isn’t enough to be a pop success. Acts have to be totally polished to embark on a US tour like the Spice Girls did and at this stage The Saturdays come across more like a less loved Girls Aloud than universally adored new Spice Girls.

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