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Oprah Had a ‘Pretty Woman’ Moment While Shopping in Switzerland

Published June 11, 2014 by gossipzoo

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia Roberts) walks into a boutique, dressed in her streetwalker clothes, and the saleswoman says, “I don’t think we have anything for you here. You’re obviously in the wrong place.”

Well, that basically happened to Oprah Winfrey.

While in Zurich, Switzerland, for longtime friend Tina Turner‘s recent wedding, the talk show host went shopping, strolled into a high-end store called Trois Pomme, and a handbag behind the counter caught her eye. So, she asked to the shopkeeper to see it.

“She says to me, ‘No, it’s too expensive,'” Winfrey, who made $77 million in the last year alone according to Forbes, told Entertainment Tonight. When she pressed, the woman offered to show other, cheaper options, saying, “that one will cost too much. You will not be able to afford that.”

But Winfrey, 59, did not want to make a scene. After asking several times to see the handbag, she acquiesced to the shopkeeper. “[She] said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to hurt your feelings,'” Winfrey recounted. “And I said, ‘Okay, thank you so much. You’re probably right, I can’t afford it.’ And I walked out of the store.”

“I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing and thrown down the (American Express) black card, and all that stuff but why do that?” the media mogul explained. “But (racism) still exists, of course it does.”

In wake of Winfrey going public with the incident, a spokeswoman for the Swiss tourism office, Daniela Baer, told The Associated Press on Friday “we are very sorry for what happened to her.” The tourism office also posted an apology on Twitter, saying “this person acted terribly wrong.”

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Nate Berkus Told His Dad That He Was Born Gay – It Wasn’t a Choice

Published February 22, 2013 by gossipzoo

Design star Nate Berkus says gaining his father’s trust and respect as he explained that he was born gay – and it wasn’t a choice – changed their relationship and helped him move forward in his life.

Berkus, speaking candidly to his mentor, Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Sunday series, opened up in a two-part interview, sharing the emotional moments that came with discussing his sexuality.

“I asked my father: ‘Do you trust me? Do you respect me? Do you think I’m smart?’ He said, ‘Yes,’ ” Berkus, 41, tells Winfrey.

“I said, ‘Why would I choose to make my life more difficult – why would anyone choose to make their life more difficult? Do you think I would choose to have this hair? Do you think that I would choose to be 5’9″? I would have been 6’1″. It’s the exact same thing. The truth of the matter is being gay is the way I was born. I believe this to the core of my being.’ ”

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Berkus continued: “I said, ‘Dad, we are never going to have a real relationship if you don’t believe me.’ He said, ‘If you say you are born this way, and you didn’t have a choice, then we are good.’ That was really the moment. Then, I knew if I had this base level of respect that I could move forward.”

The Chicago-based interior designer, whose latest book is The Things That Matter, rose to national prominence after he was invited in 2002 to do a makeover on a space for The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he become a frequent and charismatic guest. He was later given his own program, The Nate Berkus Show, which aired from 2010 to 2012.

Berkus also speaks to Oprah about the death of his longtime partner, Fernando Bengoechea, who was swept away from the beach resort where the couple was vacationing during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The show, Oprah & Nate Berkus, The Things That Matter, will air on Feb. 10 and Feb. 17 on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

OPRAH: It’s “Really Okay” If RIHANNA Got Back Together With CHRIS BROWN

Published October 8, 2012 by gossipzoo

OPRAH thinks it’s really okay if RIHANNA got back together with her notorious ex, CHRIS BROWN.


BBE 000269

Now that Chris Brown is back to being single and has been spending a lot of time with his hopelessly hung up ex, Rihanna, everyone is on their toes about an impending reconciliation between the former couple.

But according to Oprah Winfrey, who recently interviewed the Barbadian singer about her relationship with the man who infamously assaulted her in 2009, them getting back together would not be the worst thing in the world.

Oprah explained to Extra last Friday:

“You know what I loved about that interview is that she came with a big, wide open heart. She was in the space of forgiveness. And that she learned a lesson, that she was repeating with Chris Brown exactly what she needed to learn from her father.”

During their sit-down interview, Rihanna talked about how her father, Ronald Fenty, was also abusive towards her mother and how he continued to fight his violent behavior.

And if the “We Found Love” singer is really willing to give it another shot with the “love of her life,” Oprah insists that she is in no place to interfere:

“I think that if she is prepared to deal with that and is prepared to help him help himself then so be it. I have no judgment about it. That’s why I can sit there and have such a great time with her because I do all my interviews with no judgment whatsoever. If that’s how you choose to lead your life, that’s really okay.”

Do you agree with Oprah?

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