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Doctor Who: 5 More Potential Masters For Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor

Published June 9, 2014 by gossipzoo

The Master... dead or alive?

The Master (John Simm)… who could be his next incarnation?

Since David Tennant’s final appearance in the End of Time in 2010, The Master, the archenemy of The Doctor, has not been seen or heard from in any story or spoken by any character since. And Steven Moffat, the head writer of Doctor Who, has said nothing to ease fans fears that one of the most endearing and entertaining characters in the new revived series will not return to the small screen.

But if he were to return, would John Simm carry on the role, or would potentially a regeneration occur, leading to a whole new Master for the Doctor to contend with?

He has to be manic, he has to be smart, and he has to give the chilling vision of a man twisted with power… and only a few actors can achieve that. In the opinion of the writer, the following five candidates tick the right boxes, and hit the right targets, required to play the most villainous Time Lord ever created.

(And yes we have just posted another article from a WC writer on this topic… but my choices don’t overlap and deserve consideration).

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Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Matt Smith Should Regenerate Into John Hurt As 12th Doctor

Published May 25, 2014 by gossipzoo

Cover John Hurt

Before they actually go and announce the identity of the 12th Doctor tonight and crush all my dreams, I make this one last appeal…

If the title didn’t make the fact perfectly clear, there are spoilers to be found here. Some of them are from 1986, but still. Not everybody may have gotten around to seeing Trial of a Timelord in its entirety yet, and they may still be harboring some hope that it all resolves in a satisfying and interesting way. (About that…)

In any case – Here be Spoilers, Matey. Arggh. Yo ho ho, or does nobody actually say that?


OK, starting now. Last chance to miss out on anything that the title of this article didn’t already spoil for you.

Are we all emotionally prepared? OK, on your own head be it from this point forward.

There’s been a great deal of speculation, obviously, following the reveal at the end of The Name of the Doctor that John Hurt was in fact The Doctor.

Most of the discussion has revolved around where exactly in the numbering system John Hurt was going to fall. General consensus seems to feel that he’s probably between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, making him roughly speaking the Eighth and a half Doctor or thereabouts. Curiously, a lot of the anxiety around the revelation of the John Hurt Doctor seems to focus on the implications for the numbering scheme, which frankly says a lot about us as a fan group.

I haven’t actually seen the Comic Con footage because it appears that a stern warning from Stephen Moffat is curiously effective… But still, that’s the kind of thing that leads to suddenly having Jenna Louise-Coleman in Asylum of the Daleks without warning so I’m sort of for that. In any case – I haven’t seen the Comic Con trailer, but from what I’ve heard the general implication is that John Hurt’s Doctor appears to be fighting the Time War against the Daleks, lending credence to the 8 1/2 theory.

But Stephen and crew have misled us before, and clearly there is a better choice. Matt Smith should regenerate into John Hurt this Christmas.

Here’s why…

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Doctor Who: 10 Most Traumatic Companion Departures

Published January 28, 2014 by gossipzoo

Doctor Who Rose Departure

Where would the Doctor be without his companions? In recent years he’s had no more than two at a time, but in the Classic era, it felt sometimes like the TARDIS was abuzz with activity. But still, one thing was for certain – every companion who strides in and mutters “it’s bigger on the inside!” for the first time has to eventually leave at some point in the future.

These exits have been varied. Quite a few have left to lead new lives with new loves in a foreign or distant land (either by location, or by time itself). A few have been simply written out abruptly, such as Liz Shaw, whose departure was simply mentioned in the following episode. Other characters have also failed at being companions – NuWho’s Adam stands out – while others have shuffled off mortal coil althogether, with Katarina being the first companion to die in the adventure The Daleks’ Master Plan.

Katarina was not the final companion to die on screen, or at least being given a sort of death sentence – Amy Pond and Rory Williams left under such circumstances recently – which was very similar to the scenario faced by Rose Tyler. Essentially all three were stuck in situations where they couldn’t see the Doctor anymore, with all the tragedy that brings.

So with this in mind, what were the most traumatic departures for companions? Who were we attached to and didn’t get their happy ending? Here is my top ten…

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David Tennant: His 6 Best TV Roles

Published January 3, 2014 by gossipzoo

David Tennant The Escape Artist

David Tennant is one of the finest actors on British shores – that much is plain. He brings a raw passion to his performances, consistently churning out excellent work in varied roles. I’d liken him to Daniel Day-Lewis’s TV equivalent. No, not in turns of gut-busting lunacy and supremely crazy method acting – I don’t think anyone else could do such a thing. It’s more in terms of quality – if you see Tennant’s name attached to a project, it’s pretty much a guarantee of that show’s excellence.

I’m aware the above can sound like a world’s tallest midget-esque description, in terms of damning with faint praise – after all, if Tennant was the acting colossus I’ve made him out to be, he’d surely have a more prolific film career beyond his excellent cameo as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter, a fun turn as a vampire-slaying showman in Fright Night and some voiceover work? Well really, I’d agree with you – he totally should, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why he doesn’t. He’s obviously a talented man, and anyone who can light up the TV screen and stage in equal measure surely deserves the nod from Hollywood.

Yet while it’s a sad fact of life that Vinnie Jones has a more comprehensive film CV than Tennant, let’s look on the bright side. Film’s loss is TV’s gain, and it only improves the reputation of British TV to have a man of Tennant’s calibre on their various payrolls. He consistently provides strong work, and if the fawning critics are anything to go by, he’s pulled it off once more in legal thriller The Escape Artist, which premiered yesterday on BBC One.

So in honour of his apparently flawless turn as sleazy lawyer Will Burton, I’ve decided to catalogue Tennant’s finest TV performances. If you want to see some quality television, I suggest you dig out any of these – you won’t be disappointed.

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8 Lovable TV Characters That Would Be Insufferable In Real Life

Published January 2, 2014 by gossipzoo

Sheldon Cooper1

You love to watch them on the small screen, but you wouldn’t want to share a pint with them and would probably cross the road to avoid some of them, too. Yes, some of the greatest, most neurotic and charismatic TV characters are also people whom, if they existed in real life, would never find themselves ordering a table for two at their local restaurant.

From the pompous to the whiny, the shrill to the cloying, and featuring a few who would probably benefit from a nice lie down on a psychiatrist’s couch, here are 8 popular TV characters who would make for unbearable company. If there are any characters more deserving of a place on the list, or you feel I’m being too harsh on this particular selection, share your thoughts in the comments section below…

8. Frasier Crane


Dr. Frasier Crane has long since been beloved of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. With his quick, dry wit and lovable fallibilities, Frasier has charmed millions of fans of Cheers and his eponymous spin-off show.

You can only imagine, however, that he would be treated to a different view of the psychiatrist’s couch in real life. Pompous, needy, aloof, vain and a borderline egomaniac, the facets of Frasier’s personality that we laugh at on the show would make him seem overbearing and irredeemably irritating were you on the table next to him at Caf Nervosa.

In his defence, Frasier does seem almost grounded compared to his brother, Niles, who also happens to be one of my all-time favourite sitcom characters and a man the producers described as “what Frasier would be like had he never set foot in Cheers.” Still, he remains a doctor you would hope doesn’t do house calls.

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5 Brilliant Doctor Who References In Doctor Who

Published September 8, 2013 by gossipzoo

Doctor Who Hartnell Passport

As Doctor Who fans, we all love the in-jokes and references that only a die-hard fan would understand, whether it’s Tennant in a gas mask saying “Are you my mummy?” or as subtle as Smith remarking that he used to own a patchwork umbrella (referencing his sixth incarnation to be precise).

References in a half-century old show are moments that fans can bond over; they’re checkpoints for the anoraks, and it gives us Whovians an “I know something you don’t moment” over the casual viewers in our families who put up with the show.

Perhaps more exciting and intelligent however, are the outside references and allegories, and I’m not talking about the Nazi/Dalek similarity, I’m talking about the Whoniverse itself. These are moments when someone references something that relates to Doctor Who, not the Doctor, and not just a moment of continuity. Like LINDA for example, being a portrayal of us fans, or the Doctor receiving the phone call about the Brigadier’s death and the sadness of that scene carried when you consider that Nicholas Courtney had died in real life.

These aren’t just nods to those of us that watch and rewatch every Who episode, they’re golddust for the fans that trawl Wikipedia, YouTube and Steven Moffat’s bins for extra nuggets of information, such as Matt Smith’s love for Radiohead or the exact dimensions of a TARDIS. Let me take you through five more ingenious, amusing and downright cute moments of NewWho writers winking at us through our very screens.

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Doctor Who: 5 Worst Creature Designs From The New Series

Published July 9, 2013 by gossipzoo


Before the show came back in 2005, Doctor Who was always remembered for the sometimes poor quality of the special effects, make up and design of it’s monsters. For some it was the reason to dismiss the show as cheap and unwatchable, for others it was part of the programme’s charm. But when the show came back, and when we first met the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler we were also reintroduced to the Autons, a classic foe from the classic series, and they still looked lame! Nostalgic fans of the cheap production values of old could sigh a breath of relief as we were treated to men in rubber costumes and burping bins.

As it happens, as the episodes rolled on the sad factor that had previously been associated with the show was quickly wiped away and the Doctor once again became king of the BBC. The writing was good, the acting was good, and most shockingly of all the effects were good. Well, mostly good anyway. There’s always going to be the odd effect that looks like a tin dog or like they’re made of toilet rolls right?

So with that in mind let’s celebrate the best of the worst, as we look at the five worst designed creatures of the new era in Doctor Who!

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