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RUSSELL BRAND Takes Homeless Man To His House, Gives Him Food And Lets Him Take A Bath

Published September 16, 2012 by gossipzoo

In recent star news, RUSSELL BRAND reportedly took a homeless man to his house, gave him food, and allowed him to take a bath.

How charitable of you, Russell!

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Everyone knows Russell Brand is a master at picking up hot chicks-as evidenced by his stellar dating track record, which includes former wife Katy Perry and his most recent girlfriend, Geri Halliwell-but who knew the British funnyman had a knack for picking up homeless men on the street as well?

According to recent reports, Brand did a charitable thing after his yoga class when he saw a homeless, shirtless man lying in the street.

Instead of giving the man some spare change like one would normally do with a homeless person, the Rock of Ages” star decided to do one better and invited the man over to his house so he could give him a proper meal.

A witness tells The Sun:

“This [homeless guy] was in a bad way. He’d been lying on the floor and talking to himself. On leaving the studio in his car, Russell noticed him there and was parked and out of the vehicle in no time to help. He asked the guy his name and what was wrong.”

The source continues:

“I heard him offer to take him for some food. [The man] said he wanted a burger, to which Russell replied, ‘You don’t want any of that cr*p, come to my house and you can have some proper food and a nice bath.'”

Aww… Wasn’t that nice of him?

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