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Star Trek Sequel Gets Dark In New Poster!

Published December 4, 2012 by gossipzoo


We loved loved LOVED 2009’s Star Trek reboot! Especially Zachary Quinto as the bottled up Spock! So hot!

So we’re totally stoked for any new info on the upcoming sequel, ominously subtitled Into Darkness! And darkness is exactly what we’re getting, by the look of this first poster!

That’s definitely Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in the slick black coat- we’d know that delicious butt anywhere! But what does this mean?

No more cute little Federation uniforms? No more cute little Federation?? We’ve heard some scary stuff…

Guess we’ll find out May 17th!

One thing’s for sure! Director J.J. Abrams is keeping a tight lid on this script, so you know when it finally does hit, it’s going to be a BIG VULCAN DEAL!

[Image via Paramount.]

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