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ELLEN PAGE Comes Out: “I Am Gay” (VIDEO)

Published March 6, 2014 by gossipzoo

Current news has reported that ELLEN PAGE came out at an LGBT Conference in Las Vegas last Friday:

“I am gay.”

ellen page

Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard were rumored to be dating last year. They confirmed, however, that the rumors aren’t true. Ellen and Alexander won’t really be a thing becaus Ellen recently came out as gay.

Back in 2009, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page kissed each other! We didn’t think that there was anything to it, but with Ellen‘s coming out, there might just be more to that kiss.

On her speech last Friday for the LGBT conference “Time to THRIVE” in Las Vegas, she came out as a lesbian.

Page said:

“I’m here today because I am gay. Maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier and more hopeful time.”

She added:

“Regardless, for me. I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility.”

She discusses the industry that she’s in that dictates “you how you have to act, how you have to dress,and who you have to be. I have been trying to push back, to be authentic, to follow my heart, but it can be hard.”

Check out her speech below:

We support you Ellen!

Aren’t you proud of her?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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