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Congratulations to Lady Gaga, Who, for the First Time, Has Correctly Identified a Painting

Published April 15, 2014 by gossipzoo

Remember how Lady Gaga, our beloved Mother Monster, had been running around, referring to the Venus de Milo when, really, she meant Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus? Well, she finally got it right for this picture, which she captioned “studio time! the live birth of *Venus* !!” Congrats, Gagaloo! After several attempts, you have passed Art History 101. Don’t feel bad; it took me four tries to pass my driving test. Today’s winning captions, however, got it done right the first time:

“BIG 80 s HAIR PARTY!!!!!” – Cheryl

“Yes! Finally done with my songs.” – Agnes

“I finished ARTPOP … Tiiiime to party” – Amine

“Doing the ‘YMCA’ is the new ‘Paws up!” – Murny

“In which Mother Monster adds ‘Olympic Gymnast’ to her resume…” – Carlton

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Dear Katy Perry, Thanks for Trying, But Also No Thanks!

Published March 31, 2014 by gossipzoo

iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Show

If you will allow me to be honest for a moment, may I just say that I am perhaps not the world’s biggest Katy Perry fan? I mean, props to her and her eight gazillion #1 singles, but something about her is just so… banal. And her recent performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, from whence this photo came, did nothing to alter my opinion. However, that said, today’s winning captions have begun to bring me around on Miss Perry. A little, anyway.

This is how it’s done Miley!!!” – Ken

“Xena meets Minnie Mouse meets School Girl.” – Heidi

“Oops I did it again…The uncut version” – Diamond

“When I jump rope, men have fits. I’ve got a butterface, but real nice t*ts!”

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A Special Message From Madonna, Queen of Pop, Regarding Today’s Winning Captions

Published December 18, 2013 by gossipzoo

Madonna Shows Off Her Grills at Menton Music Festival With Her Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat

“Hi, I’m Madonna, Queen of Pop. One of my many, many accomplishments is that I invented reinvention. Another one of my accomplishments that I am known for is riding trends, a.k.a. reinventing things that other people claim to have done first and taking all the credit. Because I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. Miley Cyrus, Beyonc , and Rihanna may have done “grills” first, but I have done them firster, for I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. As Queen of Pop, I command you to read on for today’s winning captions, which my good and handsome and talented and lovely friend has put together after the jump.” – Madonna, 2013.

A special highlight for this caption, which is SPOT ON:

“Material GRILL” – April

And these are pretty great, too:

“I didnt know Dentures came in Gold” – Ashalee

“”Golden” teeth for the “golden” age!!!!” – Rachel

“Bad case of plaque that’s what that looks like” – Thomas

“”The caramel is stuck.” – Shantela

“Lil Wayne called….he wants his grill back!!!!!” – Ponayota

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Throw Your Hands Up in the Air for Another Justin Bieber Caption Contest

Published November 6, 2013 by gossipzoo

Justin Bieber In Concert - Brooklyn, NY

If you can believe it, we’ve been doing the Celebuzz Caption Contest for more than six months now! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has ever participated, won, or even just had a chuckle at the expense of our favorite celebrities. I mention this “anniversary” because I recall that this photo of Justin Bieber was the star one of one the very first caption contests, and then I got all nostalgic. What a crazy six months it’s been. Never change, and have a great summer.

And now, the reason you’re all here:

“Anyone want to get the phone out of my pants? …Anyone?….” – Penny

“Ok who wants me to spit on them!?” – Marcy

“Wait.. Don’t arrest me…I can explain!!!” – Lindsey

“Alright! Tests came in and IM NOT THE FATHER!” – Tiara

“I can’t swim on my own, it’s too much – PULL ME UP!!” – Lisa

“I swear usher made me do it” – MikeNLealand

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#CaptionContest: What’s On JLo’s Leg… Er… Mind In This Photo?

Published April 17, 2013 by gossipzoo

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

We’re halfway through the week and halfway through another round of the Celebuzz #CaptionContest.

But this isn’t your everyday #CaptionContest. No, today’s contest is special: we have prizes! We’re giving away a bottle of Jennifer Lopez‘s newest fragrance, Forever Glowing, to the authors of the top three captions.

Forever Glowing by JLo is Lopez’s newest perfume and 19th fragrance with Coty. It is available for purchase exclusively at Kohl’s.

So now that the stakes have been raised, you should check out yesterday’s #CaptionContest winners for inspiration. Then, come back here and play along:

1) Type your caption out in the comments. Alternatively, you can use photo-editing software to add a caption to the photo and upload your entry into the comments.

2) Have fun and be creative!

3) Check back tomorrow to see if your caption has been selected – and to get started on a new caption challenge.

4) We will select the top three captions and award their authors a bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo.

See the full-size image and read more about the prize after the jump.

Here it is, today’s #CaptionContest photo:

Jennifer Lopez

The top three captions from this contest will win a bottle of Forever Glowing by JLo:

Forever Glowing by JLo

So what are you waiting for? Add your caption in the comments below. Good luck and have fun!

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