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For Whom Would You Make 300 Sandwiches to Have Sex with Them Forever?

Published April 3, 2014 by gossipzoo

Inspired by this wonderful article by NY Post gossip reporter Stephanie Smith, I’ve made a list of people I would make inventive sandwiches for (like turkey and pear, perhaps? Or banana and brisket!) every day just to keep them in my life forever and ever, amen. How about you guys?

Sandwich List:

Mila Kunis. Miley Cyrus. Taylor Kitsch. Kristen Stewart. Taylor Swift. Katie Couric. Megan Fox. Loni Anderson. Kim Kardashian. All the Kardashians. Daisy Fuentes. Blake Lively. Stacey Dash. LOHAN. Lana Del Rey. Amy Adams. Allison Williams. That foxy chick from the Blurred Lines video. Rihanna. Drake. You’ve Got Mail-era Meg Ryan. Andie MacDowell. Nicole Kidman. Stephanie Smith. Nina Dobrev. Amanda Seyfried. Anne Hathaway. Claire Danes. Lucy Liu. Winona Ryder. Parker Posey.

You can get another take on this little project here and here.

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