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Mally The Monkey Is Finding It Hard To Make Friends In Germany

Published June 13, 2014 by gossipzoo

Mally Is Adjusting to His New Home

Justin Bieber‘s monkey who’s been adopted by a German zoo is coming to grips with his new home away from Hollywood, but the adjustment into a life beyond the flurry of flashbulbs and red carpet hasn’t been easy for the world’s most famous capuchin.

“Mally needs more time than we thought to get a real monkey,” Serengeti Park spokeswoman Juliane Gunkel told Celebuzz.

Mally’s family drama all began back in March when Bieber had to leave him behind at the Munich airport after failing to produce the proper paperwork to bring his furry friend into the country during a stop on his world tour. Since then, Mally’s been in an animal shelter, quarantine and now bonding (crossing fingers) with his newfound family at the park.

But he’s refusing to let go of his old life of leisure.

“He is ignoring the other monkeys and is totally orientated on human beings and on his teddy bear,” added Gunkel of the stuffed toy animal believed to have been given to the little guy by his famous former owner.

But have no fear, Biebs fans, zoo officials are confident Mally will get his Hollywood happy ending.

This pint-size primate is getting in some girl-time, but hanging out with the boys will just have to wait. They have to watch their new zoo VIP play with their ladies from afar, for now.

“Mally is fine. Our capuchin family moved into the new monkey house, where [he] is since he came out of the quarantine,” said Gunkel.

“After a few weeks of getting comfortable with his new area, we brought the female members and the small one into the monkey house and last week we also took the males into the building.

“Today, the females and Mally can be together in the stable, the males can only watch him through the bars.

“We think within the next two weeks, we can put them all together… for a happy end.”

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