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Listen To Tina Fey And Wear A Bra

Published April 7, 2014 by gossipzoo

Before Kate Middleton Allison Williams played Marni on HBO’s Girls, she was Tina Fey‘s assistant. And before that, Fey was the keynote speaker at Williams’ graduation from New Canaan Country School in Connecticut.

Williams was overheard talking to Fey about her sage words at a Hollywood Reporter party.

“Allison said that Tina’s advice to her class was, ‘Wear a bra, don’t smoke,’ ” the source told Page Six.

“But now I work on ‘Girls,’ where wardrobe doesn’t even let you wear a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set,” the Yale grad continued.

I believe Williams. There were clearly no bras to be found last season, at least not for Lena Dunham.

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