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10 Upcoming Movies That Sound Cool (But Will Probably Suck)

Published September 11, 2013 by gossipzoo


Ask anyone on the internet and they’ll agree that right now is one of the most exciting time for movies (well, blockbuster cinema, but let’s not split hairs). Whereas most years normally only have one or two really interesting looking films amongst a sea of mediocrity, 2014 and 2015 are bursting at the seams with fanboy pleasing goodness.

I’m inclined to say otherwise. There’s a lot of crap also coming out anyway – both Despicable Me’s minions and Madagascar’s penguins are having unwarranted spin offs – but even with a lot of major franchises (both modern and classic) bringing exciting new films in the next couple of years I’m still tempted to be cautious.

There are some films coming up that even I can’t condemn – Bryan Singer’s return to the X-Men with Days Of Future Past looks tweetingly awesome, The Wolf Of Wall Street looks set to make up for 2013’s thus far disappointing turn out and my ever eternal faith in Christopher Nolan has Interstellar already marked in my diary – but ten of the biggest films on the internet’s radar at the moment could quite easily become ten of the most disappointing.

Just the other day Tom looked at blockbusters nobody wanted that look terrible, but today I’m going to turn my eye to the films everyone’s anticipating, yet have all the makings of a disappointment. In many cases it’s too far away to tell, but here what we’ve heard so far should have you a little worried.

This list will likely be rebooted in 2015 under the new title 10 Cool Sounding Movies (That Turned Out Rubbish).

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