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This Is Your Life Designed by Ciara’s Instagram

Published April 11, 2014 by gossipzoo

Ciara’s Instagram is a veritable curio cabinet of treasures. Curated to include a mix of black and white glamour shots, stream-of-conscious notes written on the Notes app, and photos of straight up strangers and their bangs, her Instagram is a joy to follow. Like a mood ring you got from Claire’s, it is also a great place to go when you need advice.

Here are sample scenarios for which you might want to consult Ciara’s Instagram:

You awake on a beautiful Sunday morning to find that you have nothing to do. A whole day and its endless possibilities stretches out before you. Consult Ciara’s Instagram; have a body party.

Susan Miller has given you yet another terrible reading this month, and you’re feeling a little uninspired and in need of some strong guidance. Check Ciara’s Instagram; fight til you accomplish your heart and souls desires.

Somewhere, on your way to stardom or the club, you forgot yourself and your fashion priorities. Check Ciara’s Instagram and remember that this is a girl’s world and shoes are the currency of the sole.

You’re an 8th grade monster or a deranged substitute teacher with a penchant for cyber bullying. Check Ciara’s Instagram. And then don’t.

You feel like a dog. Check Ciara’s Instagram; look at a dog and understand that it’s a mirrored reflection staring back at you.

That bitch intern Annie has beaten you to work every day this week, stolen your yogurts even though they had your name on them, and has been talking about you behind your back to all of your co-workers. Take a deep breath, don’t give too much shine, check Ciara’s Instagram, and remember #ImHumanJustLikeYou

Are you following Ciara’s Instagram yet?

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