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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s NYC Trip Puts All Other Tourist Pictures to Shame

Published February 28, 2014 by gossipzoo

As if the world needed another reason to love the friendship between Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, the pair went ahead and toured New York City.

And took the most epic photos you will ever see.

On Tuesday, the newly married Stewart shared one of these photos of himself and his BFF on top of the Empire State Building (above).

Like 99 percent of the folks who visit the Big Apple, the gentlemen also posed with Elmo in Times Square.

Elmo! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

– Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) September 13, 2013

Elmo, or rather, the person in the Elmo suit, do you realize how lucky you are?

Craving more Hollywood bromances? We’ve got more in the gallery, above.

Ian McKellen Officiated Patrick Stewart’s Wedding Yesterday

Published February 1, 2014 by gossipzoo

In news that should make everyone (or at least gay men and straight nerds) happy, Patrick Stewart married his longtime singer-songwriter girlfriend Sunny Ozell on Sunday in a ceremony officiated by pal Ian McKellen.

Stewart later confirmed the ceremony on Twitter, attaching a photo of himself inside a ball pit with Ozell (go with it); McKellen added “I did my part” on his Facebook, attaching a photo of himself holding a t-shirt with the words “Minister” written across it.


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