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NAYA RIVERA Eats Her Candy Boyfriend In M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial (VIDEO)

Published February 14, 2013 by gossipzoo

“Glee” star NAYA RIVERA eats her candy boyfriend in this adorable new M&M’s Super Bowl commercial.


In this super-cute (and slightly weird) video, the gorgeous actress gets lovey-dovey with her red M&M boyfriend in a montage of scenes where he is shown doing all kinds of things for her (such as painting her toenails and carrying all her shopping bags) while he sings Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love.”


But apparently, there are some things that Red (yeah, that’s the M&M guy’s name) would not do for love, because Naya didn’t just want a lover boy-slash-slave… she wanted a yummy snack, too.


Poor guy. But can you blame Naya? He’s obviously extremely delicious!


Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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