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How I Met Your Mother: Ted’s 10 Most Awful Girlfriends

Published December 23, 2013 by gossipzoo

how i met your mother

Ted Mosby has forever been unlucky in love. He has been left at the alter, dated a married woman and broke up with a girl on her birthday… twice. But, as the final season of the hit show moves forward, fans are awaiting that special moment. The moment that this show is all about; meeting ‘the Mother.’

To get to this point though, Ted has dated some women who you would not bring home to your mother and some who were that bad that he even couldn’t remember their name! This article will take you on a trip down memory lane highlighting all the horrible women that Ted has dated/been with over the last eight seasons.

10. Natalie


Season One for Ted is one which sets the tone for his unlucky life in love. In the 4th episode, after realising his tastes in various things have changed, he decides to find old girlfriends. One of these is Natalie whom he awkwardly broke up with on her birthday via her answering machine. Ted earns Natalie’s trust again and they date for three weeks before Ted realises she isn’t the one. This leads to the akward situation where Ted breaks up with Natalie again… on her birthday.

Natalie wasn’t an awful girlfriend during their relationship and it could be said that Ted caused her to become awful. One of the best moments was Ted getting beat up by Natalie because she had been going to Krav Maga classes, something that Ted jokes about.

There was a silver lining for Natalie as it’s revealed she found a husband and had three girls but that moment where she kicked Ted’s butt makes her number 10 on my most awful girlfriend list.

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