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Christina Applegate’s Blog: How My Style Has Changed Since Becoming a Mom

Published November 30, 2012 by gossipzoo

Christina Applegate's Blog

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Thanks for welcoming Christina Applegate for a four-part blog.

The actress, who stars as Reagan on NBC’s hit comedy Up All Night, is also mom to daughter Sadie Grace, 22 months, with fianc Martyn LeNoble.

Applegate, 40, is the creative partner for, a monthly outfit club for stylish girls sizes 2-8.

She can also be found @1capplegate on Twitter.

In her second blog post for PEOPLE, Applegate writes about how her style has evolved throughout the years.

I have always been a firm believer in the freedom to express one’s own personality. It is something that has helped me both in my own life and career and is also something that I encourage for my own daughter.

A journey can’t really be a journey without change and over the years, my own personal style has definitely seen many different phases! You might say that when it comes to fashion, I’ve done it all. I’ve gone rocker, punk, super-trendy, and even full-on glamour.

What I’ve learned is that when you are comfortable — both physically and also in how you look, that’s when you look and feel your best. Recently, my style has been all about ease. Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up for creating easy, effortless style.

Don’t wear heels unless you have to

I haven’t put on a pair of heels in years — unless I have to, that is! Flats are just easier for the amount of running around I have to do and can still be very chic. For a real style statement, I love Fiorenti & Baker boots because they are so stylish and are still incredibly comfortable.

Own a few key pieces

One of my favorite tricks is to own a few key pieces that you know work for you. One of my favorites, aside from a good pair of boots, is a great deconstructed jacket. You can toss one over pretty much anything and suddenly you’ve got a great outfit! On top of key pieces, having a few go-to brands can make a world of difference.

Make things easy

Effortless style is a lot easier when you take as much work out of it as possible, and that extends to how the shopping gets done. When time and energy are of the essence, online shopping can be a huge relief. Believe me when I say there is a LOT of online shopping that goes on in my household – and not just for me! Shopping for household items and children’s clothing can be exhausting – if not near impossible and I’m happy to avoid it whenever possible.

I am a huge patron of online sites such as — and absolutely love the convenience of You get a personalized head-to-toe outfit in just one-click plus free shipping and returns – and it’s actually a fun, enjoyable experience, which is the way it should be! Really, shopping for kids clothes has never been easier.

Get to know yourself

One of the benefits that comes with getting older is that you start to have a much better understanding of what works on you and what doesn’t. There are a million trends and not all of them will work on you. Learn to embrace what works best for you as an individual. This can be invaluable when it comes to personal style — and actually, for other aspects of your life as well.

Christina Applegate's Blog

Courtesy Christina Applegate

– Christina Applegate

JARED LETO Reduced To Skin And Bones For Role In “Dallas Buyers’ Club” (PHOTOS)

Published November 30, 2012 by gossipzoo

Celebrity news reports that JARED LETO has now been reduced to skin and bones for his role in “Dallas Buyers’ Club.”

See the actor now:

ALO 111377

Like his now-emaciated co-star, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto has traded his toned abs for a role in “Dallas Buyers’ Club.” The actor and musician–and “Worst Dressed Man” in the world–also waxed his eyebrows, in addition to not eating for almost a month for the part of a transsexual.

Nonetheless, he was proud to show his thinning physique during a recent photo shoot with famed photographer, Terry Richardson.

jared leto by terry richardson2

He told Vulture of the scary weight loss:

“Your body goes through weird stages. Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to water. But for me, it’s not about the most weight I can lose, it’s more to represent the character.”

It appears the actor lost about the same weight as McConaughey, who shed about 30lbs before they started filming. But he thinks it’s not something to be worried about.

He explained:

“Historically, people have done it for pursuit of self, to achieve a meditative state, so I’m hoping for that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

See more of his photos from the shoot below:

Photos By PR Photos / Terry Richardson‘s Diary

Backstreet Boys’ A.J. MCLEAN Welcomes Baby Girl

Published November 29, 2012 by gossipzoo

Celebrity news reports that The Backstreet Boys’ very own A.J. MCLEAN has welcomed a baby girl with his wife, ROCHELLE KARIDIS!

CSH 016646

Another Backstreet Boy is now a dad!

The married boy bander, who is currently touring with his reunited ’90s group, has just welcomed a baby daughter named Ava Jaymes with his wife of almost a year, Rochelle Karidis, on Tuesday.

McLean announced on his website on Tuesday, along with an adorable pink card announcing his daughter’s birth:

“We are so in love with our bundle of joy and happy to have started our family now.”

Ava Jaymes

Congratulations to first-time parents!

Photos By PR Photos / A.J. McLean‘s Website


Published November 29, 2012 by gossipzoo

The recent GABRIEL AUBRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ brawl was not found in HALLE BERRY‘s home security cam footage taken on Thanksgiving day, according to recent Hollywood news.

No way?

PRN 07351911

Halle Berry‘s estranged ex and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, has only the actress’ surveillance cam to prove that he truly was the victim in his violent Turkey Day brawl with the actress’ fiance, Olivier Martinez, last week-for which he was arrested for suspected battery and sustained gruesome bruises.

But in a crazy (and slightly unbelievable) twist of fate, the video recording that could save his case doesn’t even exist-thanks to Halle‘s stalker from last year.

According to TMZ, detectives had advised the actress to “re-position” her CCTV cam so it would catch the stalker cross the house fences. Since then, the cam has faced the other way and “could not have captured” the front door area where the brawl between Aubry and Martinez took place.

While Aubry would naturally think that Halle had the footage erased to protect her new man, the site reports that cops “DO NOT believe the security footage was altered,” adding that “it just plain missed the shot.”

Bad luck or bad manipulation?

Photos By PR Photos

Russell Crowe Rides A Bike And Stays In Shape

Published November 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

Russell Crowe has been spotted riding his bike and it looks that he is well equipped for that!Nothing compares with some movement and staying in shape is the best thing ever!

Nowadays most of the people stay on a chair in front of a computer and do their normal things like shopping from there instead of just going to the store.


Well,this is more faster and it does not implies any effort like “walking”.

rusell crowe bike

Russell Crowe must be one good example for those who want to stay in shape because without any work you can’t do a lot.

Besides staying in shape you can always admire the view around you and even more!

What could be greater than that?

Outside this you can always do at least hiking,swimming,gym and these will surely keep you healthy.

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Charlie Sheen paying Lindsay Lohan Bills: Possible Reasons

Published November 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood’s top paid actors recently added the title of a philanthropist to his cap. The “Anger management star forked out a cool $100,000 to fellow Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan to help her sort out her six- figure tax arrears.

The question therefore begs, why would he opt to bail her out? May people would think there is something Mr. Sheen is not telling us. Could it be that he has romantic interests in the actress cum- recording artist? The generous donation would make perfect sense in the event that this was the case.

It is not every day that a man will spend such an amount of his hard earned money to help out a lady in distress if he has no further interest in her. However, this is not just any ordinary man. The $100,000 he dished out to Lohan is more or less pocket change to Mr. Sheen.

It could be that Charlie is a great fan of Lohan’s music, or that he sees a lot of talent in her which he would not like to see going to waste, in the event that she was locked up for failing to settle her arrears.

charlie sheen paying bills

Having worked with Lindsay Lohan on set when shooting Scary movie 5, it is possible Mr. Sheen realized just how talented Lindsay Lohan is. This would therefore prompt him to go to her aid, just like the possibility of him having feelings for her would.

Only Mr. Sheen himself can give a true reason for his philanthropic act.For whatever reason he did it however, it was definitely a noble gesture.

Perhaps other Hollywood stars should borrow a leaf from the example set by Mr. Sheen. For Lindsay Lohan, the truth in the phrase “Christmas comes early this year” is quite clear. It can only be hoped that she will not find herself in such a situation in future.

NICKI MINAJ Accuses STEVEN TYLER Of Racism On Twitter

Published November 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

In recent Hollywood news, NICKI MINAJ just accused STEVEN TYLER of being a racist during a volatile Twitter rant against the Aerosmith front man.

AES 044277

Nicki Minaj‘s crazy feud with fellow “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey-which may or may not have been staged to boost ratings for their show-has many other musicians bashing her, including British rapper Example, Stevie Nicks (who said she would’ve “strangled her to death if she were in Mariah‘s place), and now former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler.

The 64-year-old rocker, who quit the show a few months ago to focus on Aerosmith’s new album, recently shared his thoughts on Nicki and Mariah‘s feud with MTV News:

“I know that they’ve got something going on on the judges’ panel, [and] it shouldn’t be that, it should be the opposite… They should have something going on, which is called ‘camaraderie.’”

Tyler then talked about how the new judges-specifically Minaj-did not seem fully equipped to guide the incoming “American Idol” contestants to reach the best of their abilities the way he and his fellow judges, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, did in the last few seasons. He said:

“These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere and they’re in New York City, they’re scared to death; you’re not going to get the best [out of them].”

He added:

“If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield. Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips. Just saying.”

When Nicki found out about Steven‘s interview, she immediately tweeted:

Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet!”

The “Starships” rapper continued:

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers. I haven’t done anything to you. That’s a racist comment”

Uh… how was that racist?

Nicki then wrote:

“You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what? go fuck yourself and worry about yourself babe.”

Continuing her rant against what she took to be a racist statement by Steven, Nicki then made a reference to the incident where Mariah talked to Barbara Walters and told her that Nicki threatened to shoot her with a gun right after their big blow-up on set. She tweeted:

“LOL lets make him a shirt that says “No Coloreds Allowed” then escort him down 2 Barbara Walters so he can tell how he was threatened w/guns”

Finally, Nicki concluded her rant with one last parting shot against the former “Idol” judge:

“When Steven 1st went on Idol he was ridiculed by his peers & fans alike. Called a sell out. So what does he do? Ridicule the next judge.”

Whose side are you on?

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