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Box Office Predictions: Riddick Is A Clear Winner

Published September 16, 2013 by gossipzoo


1) Riddick- 18M Weekend, 18M Total

Riddick should clearly win the weekend. Vin Diesel is hot off of his Fast sequel this summer, and the Riddick sequel seems to return the franchise to the Pitch Black roots, instead of the nonsense that happened in Chronicles. The Resident Evil franchise has done well in September, and Riddick should mirror that to an extent. Of course, you have the people who hated Chronicles Of Riddick, and may be waiting for their friends to say that this film is worth watching before heading out.

2) The Butler- 10M Weekend, 93M Total

Heading for the 100M mark, The Butler should have no problem maintaining the word of mouth train as Riddick isn’t going for the same demographic.

3) Instructions Not Included- 9M Weekend, 21M Total

The surprise hit comedy is doubling its run this week, and performed really well mid-week. People who had no idea what this film was will likely check it out this weekend (as there really are no new releases other than Riddick to challenge it).

4) We’re The Millers- 8M Weekend, 123M Total

The hit comedy benefits from no new comedy entries.

5) Planes- 5M Weekend, 80M Total

There are no kids films in the marketplace worth mentioning, so Planes will mop up that audience.

6) One Direction- 4M Weekend, 24M Total

After opening fairly big last weekend, there will be a huge drop this weekend. Concert pics like this usually crumble in the second week.

7) Elysium- 4M Weekend, 84M Total

Elysium shouldn’t dip too bad this weekend, as people seem to still be interested in what they might have missed over the summer.

8) The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones- 3M Weekend, 27M Total

A few fans will still stumble upon this in theatres.

9) The Worlds End- 3M Weekend, 21M Total

Decent word of mouth MIGHT keep this in the top 10 this weekend.

10) This Is The End- 3M Weekend, 100M Total

With a generous re-expansion, and a decent marketing push, This Is The End might find its way back into the top 10. Other options include the awful Getaway, which should crumble in week 2, Percy Jackson, or Blue Jasmine.

Photo Credits: Universal Pictures

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