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GTA V Official Map Leaks Online?

Published July 19, 2014 by gossipzoo

Gta V Map

A purported map complete with legend for Grand Theft Auto V has been doing the rounds online, showing a vast amount of countryside for gamers to explore when the game releases next week.

The image first appeared on Reddit after being uploaded by user GeENie, who claims he caught a glimpse of the game’s guide after GTA V began arriving at stores earlier this week.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of the supposedly leaked map is the legend, which reveals a variety of locations, some known, others unconfirmed – until now.

The key shows such locations as a strip club, which had already been confirmed by previous screenshots and trailers, as well as a golf course and hospital.

Gta Map Large

Map Legend reveals a Cinema as a potential new destination.

Map Legend reveals a Cinema as a potential new destination.

However, the legend also makes reference to a cinema, darts venue and flight school, features which were up until this point only speculated.

As for the map itself, a mountain appears to dominate the landscape, which is surprisingly rural.

Los Santos County and Blaine County are huge, while the suburbs pale into comparison way at the bottom of the map.

Transport-wise, there appears to be a highway running around the circumference of the playable area, complete with train lines, an airport and what looks to be a cable car system.

Of course, there is still a chance that this is a fake, but it’s certainly piqued out interests even further ahead on next Tuesday’s fervently anticipated release date.

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GTA V: 10 Awesome Online Features You Won’t Believe

Published June 6, 2014 by gossipzoo


The hype train for Rockstar’s GTA V continues to travel full-pelt as yet another trailer was released yesterday, revealing the previously under-wraps multiplayer element, known simply as GTA Online.

Needless to say, the Twittersphere exploded promptly afterwards, and though we hadn’t thought it possible, our expectations for this game have now been raised to even more impossible levels. If nothing else, this unveiling made it clear that GTA V really is striving to be the most ambitious and life-sapping video game ever made.

If the game can live up to the hype both online and off, it is destined to sit among the all-time greats, and from what we were shown yesterday, the odds are certainly in Rockstar’s favour. We already know that GTA Online will allow up to 16 players to play together, and now, here are 10 new, awesome features we know…

10. It Can Be Seamlessly Accessed


The goal with GTA V’s online offering appears to be to create a persistent world that exists within the aesthetic of Los Santos, though is very much its own beast, separate from the story and characters of the single-player campaign.

Still, Rockstar is ensuring that we can seamlessly flip between the two, as players will be able to select their “fourth character” by way of the switch wheel used to swap between characters locally. Swapping to your created online character will initiate the online mode and presumably match you with 15 other players (or friends, if you so wish).

While many games boast clunky multiplayer components that suffer from cumbersome menus and networking problems, hopefully a direct integration of the two – while still offering a distinctly different experience – will result in a smoother, slicker means of navigation, and less frustration on the part of the player.

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