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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: ‘Hard Bargain’

Published May 16, 2013 by gossipzoo

Grey's Anatomy

Is it the end of Seattle Grace Mercy West as we know it? Not if some of the hospital’s top doctors have anything to say about it. The potential Pegasus merger forced the plane crash victims to come up with a crazy solution – pull together their earnings to buy the hospital.

The cold stormy night set the tone for the plane crash victims (minus Cristina, who was preoccupied with Owen) to meet at Meredith and Derek’s dream house about their next move. Callie informs everyone about her awful experience at Portland General, now run by Pegasus, describing the awful work conditions. It turns out Pegasus only cares about the number of procedures the doctors’ churn out, not research or innovative procedures, and fighting management gets you fired. Meredith, Derek and Callie seem to think it’s a good idea to buy the hospital, but Arizona disagrees. Derek admits to the group he made a deal with Pegasus to help the sale. When Derek backs Callie up saying she’s right, the hospital is a place they helped make and mold and it should remain that way, Arizona accuses of Derek of still being guilty about the plane crash. She explains Derek got his money, hand and career back and now he feels guilty he has to be the hero, but everything he’s done has made it worse and it’s now affecting her family.

Instead of responding to Meredith’s constant text messages about the secret meeting to buy the hospital, Cristina tries to enjoy her night with Owen. But no matter how hard the two try, the hospital’s woes interfere with their evening. Dr. Cahill keeps texting Owen that the nurses are planning to walk out, causing Owen to panic. Cristina assures him that they’re both here right now and they should just enjoy the moment.

April’s new paramedic beau asks her out on a real date, outside of the hospital, which she accepts. She later finds Jackson for advice with the paramedic because she thinks things will end with him the minute he finds out she’s a virgin. A born again virgin, that is. Jackson says she just needs to tell him the truth and she’ll be fine. The two end up going on their date and April is surprised to learn he’s also saving himself for marriage.

Alex and Jo work on a newborn patient who’s parents can’t stand one another. It turns out the baby was conceived after the two hooked up at an office party. Alex and Jo discuss their patient’s parents and if it’s really worth it to get involved with co-workers. Jo says it’s a disaster but Alex insists everyone’s different. Look at Meredith and Derek, they made it work. Their patient makes it through and Alex asks Jo out for a beer to celebrate. She declines and runs off to her date, a fellow doctor Jo’s been pining over, nickamed “Chest Peckwell,” Stephanie tells Alex. It seems that Jo was talking out about her new guy the whole day with Alex, not him.

Owen has a disasterous encounter with the nurses, who end up walking out midway through their meeting. Afterwards, Derek and Bailey ambush Owen and Dr. Cahill in the hall. Derek tells Dr. Cahill it’s not going to work for him as the new face of the hospital while Bailey questions Owen about the status of her genome mapping procedure. When Bailey retaliates against Owen, he yells that he denied Bailey, not the board. When Bailey angrily walks off, Derek decides it’s not the time to talk to Owen. He instead makes a call to his financial advisor, Stan, asking how crazy of an idea the plan to buy the hospital would be.

Bailey and Arizona work on a young patient who needs a genome mapping procedure, a test which will use the patient’s DNA to find the tumor. Bailey later asks Owen about the approval for the process, but it turns out she was rejected. Bailey, frustrated with the current state of the hospital, persuades the father to go elsewhere for treatment since this hospital isn’t that place anymore. To make matters worse, she tells Arizona that she’s mulling the decision of leaving the hospital, since it’s not the place it once was.

During surgery, Cristina is shocked to hear that the other interns are talking about taking positions elsewhere. Cristina defends the hospital (and Owen), but Stephanie assures her that she only has 5 years to get the most out of this experience and she wants to stay with the best program.

Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina all take turns in a suspicious van outside the hospital to talk with Stan, Derek’s financial advisor. If they want to own the hospital, they technically can’t work there, but they can form a management company and hire themselves as doctors. Stan insists this is possible to do, but he needs a financial statement. Cristina wants to tell Owen but Meredith stops her because if he knows he can get in serious trouble.

Owen later regroups himself with Dr. Cahill, who tells him that he has a rare leadership quality. She shares that when the two first met and operated on a patient together, he made her feel comfortable. Cahill admits she didn’t become a doctor because she choked. Owen needs to reassure “his people” that something that hurts in the short run will help them in the long run. Cahill’s advice works and the nurses agree to stick with Owen.

Meredith, Derek, Arizona and Callie meet outside and agree they’re going to buy the hospital. Cristina runs out to tell everyone that the buyers from Pegasus are going to finish the sale – tonight. Before Cristina fully gives in, she asks Owen if he really believes in the deal with Pegasus. He says no, but there’s no other choice.

Grey's Anatomy

Webber later finds the mastermind behind the defaced pictures of Derek around the hospital. It turns out the culprit was Shane, who was intentially asked to do this by Derek. After Derek applauds Shane for his efforts in front of Webber, he suspects something is up. Meredith reassures Webber that as soon as they can say something, they will, but he’ll know soon.

Derek interrupts the meeting between Pegasus and the hospital board. When Derek tells Owen he’s quitting, Callie, Arizona, Meredith and Cristina follow suit, causing the Pegasus deal to fall through. Owen, angry and upset, insists he played no part in any of this. He demands for Dr. Cahill to fix this mess because he has no one left and everyone’s walked out on him. He later goes to find Cristina at Mer’s old house but she’s not home. She’s at Meredith and Derek’s house with Callie and Arizona, planning the new corporation’s next steps.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Would you like to see Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Callie and Arizona run the hospital?

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