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ED SHEERAN Shares Photo Of Bloody Hand, Rushed To The ER (PHOTOS)

Published July 2, 2014 by gossipzoo

ED SHEERAN shared a photo of his bloody hand as he rushed to the ER this weekend, celebrity news reports.


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Ed Sheeran had a “bloody” worst day ever on Friday-literally.

The musician was in Nashville for his tour buddy Taylor Swift‘s “Red” World Tour when things started going downhill. Needless to say, it was all.

He even posted a photo of the crowd (as he usually does), and tweeted:

“Last 3 days in America.”

From what we can gather, Sheeran had a good time with Gavin DeGraw after the concert. He wrote:

“Just sung I don’t wanna be with @GavinDeGraw in a karaoke bar. Awesome”

Moments later, he uploaded a rather gruesome photo of his hand wrapped in white gauze, which he simply captioned, “Oops.” He followed it up with a picture of it covered in bandages, adding that he got “6 stitches” and is thankful for “Nashville a&e.”

ed sheeran bandage instagram

You’d think it’d end there. But later that night, he snapped a pic of his red Mini Cooper’s shredded tire and captioned it:

“And now a flat tyre [sic]. This night is epic.”

ed sheeran flat tire instagram


Photos By PR Photos / Ed Sheeran‘s Instagram

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