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Marvel’s Inhumans Are Returning!

Published April 27, 2014 by gossipzoo


Marvel’s Inhumans are set to make a comeback this December, EW’s Popwatch have confirmed.

The Inhumans, ancient superpowered beings created through alien experimentation, are a secret superhero royal family led by their king, Black Bolt, whose supersonic voice is so destructive that he never speaks. Created by Marvel legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s, the Inhumans will be brought back this December in the wake of the current Marvel Event, Infinity, by star writer Matt Fraction.

A key proponent to the Inhumans’ powers is exposure to the Terrigen Mist, a mysterious gas that activates Inhuman DNA in those who possess it, giving that person super strength, speed, long life, and other powers. At the end of Infinity, the Terrigen Mists will be released across Earth, potentially creating millions of new Inhumans in ordinary people unaware that their ancestors once belonged to the Inhuman bloodline.

Marvel Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said:

“The effect on the Marvel Universe will be seismic. You might learn that your new self is fantastic, beautiful, filled with immense power. By the same token, you could turn around and find out that you’re nothing. You’re a blob. You have no powers. You can create a little flame out of your pinkie.”

Of the new regular comic, writer Matt Fraction said:

“Our focus characters are drawn into the palace intrigue of this shattered Inhumans Royal family. It becomes a superhero story and a mythical story, all revolving around turning the world into a world full of superheroes.”

“It’s giving us a chance to get back to a classic Marvel metaphor of alienation,” he says. “We’re telling science-fiction stories, but really it’s about race, gender, sexual equality. It’s a very relevant, pertinent metaphor.”

The Inhumans have had their own series sporadically over the years, from their first in 1975 to their latest, a mini-series from 2007, though the characters have appeared in several other Marvel comics like Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy: War of Kings storyline to Fraction’s current series FF, where Black Bolt’s Queen Medusa is one of the new FF members.

For those who want to read the critically acclaimed, but currently out of print, Inhumans limited series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee from 2000, you’ll be able to pick up a hardcover when it’s reprinted this September.

Inhumanity by Matt Fraction will be out in December.

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