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MC Hammer Slams Police On Twitter Following His Arrest

Published July 1, 2013 by gossipzoo

MC Hammer

MC Hammer has taken to to protest his innocence following his arrest in California on Thursday.

The U Can’t Touch This hit-maker was apprehended at a shopping center in Dublin, northern California, and cited for obstructing an officer in the performance of duties and resisting an officer.

Police officials allege the hip-hop star was sitting in a vehicle with an expired registration and he was not the registered owner, but MC Hammer, real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, has suggested he was the victim of racial profiling.

In a series of tweets, posted on Saturday, Hammer maintains the incident kicked off when a “chubby Elvis-looking” officer approached him to ask for his identification.

He writes, “I rolled down the window and he said, ‘Are you on parole or probation?’ While I was handing him my ID he reached in my car and tried to pull me out (of) the car but forgot he was on a steady donut diet.

“It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help (Mall Cop)!!! But make no mistake he’s dangerous.”

Hammer also tweeted, “Only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge,” before concluding: “I will now answer his question, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation, fat boy!”

The star was taken into custody at Santa Rita Jail, where he was booked, cited and released.

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Madonna Edges Out Springsteen As Music’s Top Money Maker

Published June 27, 2013 by gossipzoo


Even at 54, Madonnna has proven she’s the queen of the music world. The pop star beat out Bruce Springsteen to be named the top money maker of the past year.

In the last 12 months, Madonna earned a staggering $34.58 million, largely due to her very successful “MDNA” world tour, which earned her an estimated $32 million alone.

Falling about $1 million behind her is rock icon Springsteen, who earned $33.44 million in the same period after hitting the road on the “Wrecking Ball” trek.

Filling out the top five slots are Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters ($21.16 million), Van Halen ($20.18 million) and country star Kenny Chesney ($19.15 million). The Billboard top 10 list also features Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Justin Bieber.

Notice, Madonna is the only female in the top 10 list. You go girl!

Billboard’s Music’s Top 40 Money Makers 2013

1. Madonna $34,577,308.62
2. Bruce Springsteen $33,443,606.64
3. Roger Waters $21,160,131.06
4. Van Halen $20,184,709.91
5. Kenny Chesney $19,148,525.24
6. Dave Matthews Band $18,903,334.14
7. Tim McGraw $18,329,167.89
8. Jason Aldean $17,578,651.96
9. Coldplay $17,300,144.34
10. Justin Bieber $15,944,293.10
11. Adele $13,906,635.76
12. Lady Antebellum $12,968,992.17
13. Celine Dion $12,927,494.01
14. Brad Paisley $12,848,724.84
15. Taylor Swift $12,695,783.32
16. Carrie Underwood $11,942,956.65
17. Nickelback $11,121,419.71
18. Eric Church $11,015,773.11
19. Rascal Flatts $10,777,282.68

20. Barbra Streisand $10,611,419.16
21. Neil Diamond $10,498,985.38
22. Trans-Siberian Orchestra $9,959,362.28
23. Toby Keith $9,805,764.042
24. Drake $9,504,992.38
25. Red Hot Chili Peppers $9,477,807.56
26. The Rolling Stones $9,276,084.10
27. Miranda Lambert $8,818,536.04
28. Rush $8,719,834.30
29. Elton John $8,575,518.13
30. One Direction $7,955,840.71
31. Phish $7,382,514.39
32. The Black Keys $7,358,679.41
33. Maroon 5 $7,159,923.53
34. Jay-Z $7,011,905.17
35. Journey $6,983,106.58
36. Andrea Bocelli $6,732,442.76
37. Zac Brown Band $6,682,797.58
38. Rod Stewart $6,459,568.26
39. Mumford & Sons $6,168,737.62
40. Blake Shelton $5,914,591.11

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Cradle Of Filth Cancel U.S. Tour

Published April 27, 2013 by gossipzoo

Cradle Of Filth

Heavy metal stars Cradle Of Filth have been forced to axe their upcoming U.S. tour due to immigration issues.

The British rockers were due to start the American leg of their worldwide 28 Days Closer To Hell tour in New York later this month but were unable to resolve problems with the U.S. immigration department.

A statement posted on their official website reads, “Cradle Of Filth are really sorry to tell all of their fans that their US tour ’28 Days Closer to Hell’ is going to have to be cancelled, due to US immigration issues beyond the band’s control.

“They have been desperately trying to solve these problems, but it has become evident they are not going to be resolved in time for the band to embark on a tour that starts next week.

“The band sincerely apologize to all their fans and to the other acts on the tour and want to assure people they have made every effort possible to go ahead with the tour.”

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