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10 Reasons Coldplay Should Be More Respected Than They Are

Published September 9, 2013 by gossipzoo

Coldplay Live

Coldplay are releasing a new single, ‘Atlas’, on August 26th. The song sees the biggest band in the world team up with one of the biggest movie franchises, as the track will be used in the new Hunger Games film, ‘Catching Fire’. But it’s a strange state of affairs when the biggest band in the world are somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

As with U2 before them, Coldplay are one of the most ridiculed bands on the planet. Chris Martin and co are often labelled a band of insipid, pretentious idiots; a group not all that talented and certainly not all that worthy of their 50 million+ album sales. Type “I hate Coldplay” into Google and you could kit yourself out with t-shirts and badges to wear, while you sift through memes of Noel Fielding declaring, “I don’t hate Coldplay to be cool… I genuinely hate Coldplay.”

But what makes Coldplay so dislikeable? How did the most inoffensive brand of soft rock manage to secure a promotion deal with Chris Martin? Does their bassist eat cats or something?

I’m here to argue that they’re not that bad. I’m not saying that they’re worthy of your love, but they’re certainly worthy of a little respect. Here are ten reasons why.

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