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Watch: THE DAILY BUZZ: Britney’s Back B***ches And So Is This Crazy Beyonce Fan

Published March 2, 2014 by gossipzoo

Britney’s back b**ches so you better be ready. Check out the latest on her upcoming Vegas show, and her new single that dropped today – right from the pop princess’ mouth! Plus, in the Smirnoff Ice Absurdly Awesome Moment, see what happens when an over-excited fan gets a little too close to Beyonce for his own good. It’s all happening right now on the Daily Buzz for Tuesday, September 17th!

Beyonce Keeps Living Fabulous Life: See Her Vacation Pics

Published January 31, 2014 by gossipzoo

Beyonce and Jay Z

This probably won’t come as much of a shock, but Beyonce and Jay Z are having the best time ever.

The famous couple have been enjoying a Mediterranean getaway filled with luxury yachts, fine wine and adorable PDA, and now you can take a peek inside their international life of luxury. Bey recently added some family vacay pics to her Tumblr so all of us desk-chained mortals can get a taste of paradise.

In her latest batch of personal pics, Mrs. Carter can be found looking photoshoot fresh while chilling in Europe with her famous family. There is glorious scenery, a sun-drenched family portrait, and some mushy shots of Bey and Jay (and their perfect feet.)

Flip through the gallery, above, to see more snaps from Beyonce’s fabulous life. Warning: I don’t think you’re ready to be this jealy.

Is Solange Knowles Leaving The Big Apple For This Historic Home In The Big Easy?

Published January 5, 2014 by gossipzoo

Solange Knowles Gets House In New Orleans

It looks like Solange Knowles is singing the tune of a brand new homeowner.

The 27-year-old songstress is so eager to leave the East Coast behind for some Southern comfort that she’s already put down money to put down roots in New Orleans, according to the NY Post.

Beyonce‘s little sis is reportedly in contract on a ridiculously charming cottage just minutes from the French Quarter – and Celebuzz has a sneak peek at some inside pics.

Talk about curb appeal! The distinctive bright yellow Creole home has been lovingly restored to its original feel, complete with hand wrought hardware and hardwood floors accented by eye-catching pops of color in every corner. Listed at nearly $500,000 (and as a pending sale), the Bywater landmark was built in the 1830s and has all the sweet and inviting appeal that the historic town has to offer.

With 3-bedrooms and 3-baths, there’s ample room for little baby Blue Ivy and her cousin, Solange’s son, Daniel Julez, to play. And with 2,469 square feet, there’s just as much room for adult-friendly relaxing and entertaining in the sitting rooms, country-style kitchen and lush green gardens.

Take a look inside the cute Creole home in the CB! gallery above.

Naya Vs. Nicole: Who Wore It Better???

Published September 7, 2013 by gossipzoo

Left: Naya Rivera at the Staples Center for Beyonce‘s concert in July. Right: Nicole Scherzinger arriving for the X Factor UK press day in London on Thursday.

Both brunettes are wearing the same Three Floor jumpsuit almost two months apart. So tell us…


[Image via Getty Images & WENN.]

Celebuzz And ‘Showbiz Tonight’ Count Down The Top 5 Buzzmakers

Published May 8, 2013 by gossipzoo

Kimye continues to make headlines even when they’re not trying. There is an uproar over new photos of Kate Middleton. Plus, what did Oprah Winfrey call Beyonce during the red carpet premiere of the singer’s new documentary?

Celebuzz and Showbiz Tonight‘s AJ Hammer count down the top five buzzmakers of the week.

No 5 – Kim and Kanye – A starstruck American Airlines worker hustled Kimye past security without being checked, forcing the flight to be delayed while the couple had to be taken off the flight to be checked by security. The TSA is now investigating the incident.

No 4 – Kate Middleton – Chi, the Italian tabloid that published nude photos of Middleton last summer, is now being slammed for publishing new photos of the pregnant Duchess wearing a bikini while on vacation.

No 3 – Beyonce and Oprah – The TV queen came out to support Beyonce at the premiere of her new HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream. While on the red carpet, Oprah called the singer “one of the greatest executive producers.”

No 2 – Lady Gaga – Down and out, the pop star cancelled her Born This Way Ball Tour after revealing that she needs to have hip surgery.

No 1 – Kate Upton – The model is getting much deserved props for her Sports Illustrated cover shoot in which she risked frost bite while posing for the photos in Antartica.

Tune in to Showbiz Tonight Mon. – Thurs. at 11pm ET/PT on HLN. And, be sure to check back every week for AJ Hammer’s countdown of the top 5 buzzmakers right here on Celebuzz.

WENDY WILLIAMS Disses BEYONCE: “She Sounds Like She Has Fifth Grade Education” (VIDEO)

Published December 8, 2012 by gossipzoo

WENDY WILLIAMS has just dissed BEYONCE on her talk show on Wednesday, saying that the singer sounds like she has fifth grade education.


wendy beyonce

Entertainment news are now buzzing over the fact that Wendy Williams had just dissed Beyonce again on her talk show.

But Beyonce has it all-she and her husband Jay-Z are the highest paid celebrity couple to date, her beauty could easily destroy the self-esteem of women everywhere and she now has her own family. So what did the comedic host have to say against her?

Williams said on her show after claiming that she was a big “fan” of Bey and that she was going to tune in to the singer’s upcoming HBO documentary on February 16:

“I’m watching… because fortunately, one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning, so I’ll be able to understand what she says.”

She explained:

“You know Beyonce can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”

We hope she has prepared herself for some serious online backlash from Beyonce‘s fans!

Watch her diss the superstar HERE (at the 14:00 mark).

What can you say about Wendy‘s harsh comments?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

JAY-Z Explains Who He Is To An Old Woman On The Subway (VIDEO)

Published December 7, 2012 by gossipzoo

JAY-Z explains who he is to an old woman on the subway in this adorable new video clip from a documentary about his Brooklyn concerts.

jayz subway oldlady

You’d think that being half of Forbes’ “Highest Paid Celebrity Couple” for 2012, being the husband of one of the most popular singers of this generation, and not to mention being a famous rapper and music mogul, would make Jay-Z one of the most easily-recognized celebrity faces out there…

But that simply wasn’t the case when the rapper took the subway to one of his shows in Brooklyn.

Surrounded by his security personnel, Jay-Z entered the train and sat next to an older lady, who seemed bemused by the cameras and bodyguards hovering around the rapper.

She then turned to him and asked:

“Are you famous?”

Jay-Z replied:

“Yes. Not very famous. You don’t know me. But I’ll get there some day.”

The rapper then introduced himself to her, and a totally adorable conversation soon ensued.


Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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