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The Walking Dead: 5 Ways ‘Live Bait’ Could Have Been Better

Published January 29, 2014 by gossipzoo

Walking Dead Live Bait

The Walking Dead is an immensely popular series. So popular, in fact, that there is a network-sponsored talk show devoted to discussion of each episode alongside podcasts which analyse every minute detail of the show. There are websites and fansites and forums. The show is utterly huge, and not without reason – for the most part, The Walking Dead presents high-quality and engaging content to viewers. Yes, for the most part, it’s a great show.

But it’s not always great. Live Bait, the sixth episode of the fourth season, was probably one of the least compelling outings of the entire show thus far. Lacking every member of the main cast, the episode follows the Governor from his final scene in Season 3. As the Governor was not the most well-received character with the audience in the first place, an episode that is one hiatus and half a season away from his last appearance and based entirely on his character was going to be a risky, hit-or-miss venture.

Unfortunately, there was much more missing than there was hitting this week. Live Bait was not a terrible episode, but there were several factors that really could have been handled much better. Here are five of them.

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12 Most Memorable Walkers From The Walking Dead

Published November 20, 2013 by gossipzoo

The Walking Dead

With the great news that AMC have confirmed that there will be a spin-off show from The Walking Dead comes a renewed excitement about the saga as a whole.

Season four of the original show is also less than a month away, so it’s exciting times for the many fans of television’s hottest property of the moment.

As one of those fans, the hype has got me thinking about the episodes so far and, in particular, those pesky Walkers.

Most of the Walkers are merely cannon fodder – nameless obstacles in the protagonists’ quest to survive another day – but some of them have etched themselves in to our memories for various reasons and those are the ones I’ll be concentrating on this article.

Here are the twelve most memorable Walkers from The Walking Dead (a real dirty dozen)…

Honourable Mention: The Governor’s Victims

Walker Heads

Given that this is simply a tank full of severed heads, they don’t get a place on the main list – but there’s no denying that these things were pretty memorable.

First seen in the season three episode “Walk With Me”, the heads belong to those Walkers/people that the Governor has killed and are kept for his own amusement.

The Governor’s reasoning for this upon their discovery? “I made myself look at them… prepare me for the horrors outside.”


Now on to the actual list…

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