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This Is What The Original Twerker Cheeky Blakk Says About Miley Cyrus’ Booty-Shaking Skills

Published January 8, 2014 by gossipzoo

Miley Cyrus Gets Schooled By Twerker Cheeky Blakk

Miley Cyrus has brought booty-bouncing to the masses and taken it a whole new level.

And the original queen of twerk, New Orleans-based rapper Cheeky Blakk who came onto the scene with “Twerk Something!” in 1995, is giving the pop star two butt-thumping thumbs up.

“I’ve seen what she can do. She’s straight! I’m with it,” Angela “Cheeky Blakk” Woods told Celebuzz.

It’s Woods and fellow musician DJ Jubilee who were the first to give ‘twerk’ life 20 years ago on the New Orleans bounce music scene – and followers have been backing that thang up ever since.

“I love the way she brought it out,” Woods added of Cyrus.

“Everyone should twerk something. Twerking is really about being yourself.”

Only, Cyrus’ style is all her own. The former Disney starlet has created a media firestorm of mixed reviews (from celebs, parents and even Robin Thicke‘s mom) amid the controversy surrounding her raunchy MTV VMA performance filled with tons of tongue wagging, rubbing (down there) with a foam finger, and shaking it suggestively all while wearing a barely there nude bikini.

But even though she’s shakin’ it like she means it as a self-professed “pro twerker,” Cyrus still needs a lesson or two, Woods says, and is getting schooled by the real deal.

“It’s different from the way we dance to the way she dances. Why not learn from the twerker,” she said.

“Twerking is something different in New Orleans, but for her to bring it out to her area I respect that.

“Miley’s got her style of dance. The same things she’s doing and what we’re doing is compatible,” added Woods.

“She’s got the right stuff.”

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