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Common Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older (PHOTOS)

Published July 3, 2013 by gossipzoo

Celebrities are required to look their best in public. Unfortunately, this can easily lead them to committing some common BEAUTY MISTAKES that make them look older.

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Below is our list of some of those booboos that celebrities (and even you!) should avoid to take off a few years from their appearance:


Perhaps the most common makeup mishap is overdoing your foundation. It’s a shame, really, especially when a celebrity with perfect skin covers up their faceand with the most unflattering base that makes your face stand out… and not in a good way.

The truth is, fans will appreciate natural-looking skin more.


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While outlining your peepers with eyeshadow and putting on some mascara on your lower lashes can make you achieve Mila Kunis‘ naturally sultry stare, it also brings attention to your dark under eye circles.

However, keeping it to a minimum and putting just enough concealer on your eye bags should help.


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Our mothers have always warned us to keep ourselves from tweezing and shaving our youthful thick eyebrows at a young age, and for a reason-it makes us look more mature.

While tidying your brows is a definite must do before hitting the red carpet for your close ups, you should keep it to a minimum.


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For artists like Rihanna, changing your image is as easy as playing up your hairstyle and hair color. Unfortunately, consistent bleaching and dying leads to permanent hair damage and drying of hair follicles… and you know that’s not pretty.

Avoid those trips to the salon every once in a while and save your hair and your money.


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Racoon eyes look terrible on anyone, and so does too much concealer. While some celebrities sometimes need to cover up their imperfections, piling it on just emphasizes them. Plus, you’ll look funny in your red carpet pictures!

Remember: Less is better.


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Some opt for wigs and some wait for hours to achieve those glamorous Hollywood hairstyles. And a daring few keep it simple with sleek, straight hair.

While it can balance out your look especially you have a lot going on in your red carpet outfit, it can definitely make your face look bigger and a droopier.

Unless that’s what you’re trying to achieve, try to add a little more bounce to your ‘do.


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Let’s admit it, everybody loves that sunkissed glow on their naturally light skin, and with the help of salons and formulas, a faux tan it’s much easier to achieve.

But do we need to warn you about what too much of it can do to your skin?

Just ask Snooki.


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One can have flawless makeup and the best hairdo, but you will always look a little older underneath when you’re under a lot of stress. Not only will you look glum, you’ll end up with wrinkles on your pretty face!

Have a positive outlook and a more fulfilling lifestyle so you can worry less and avoid unnecessary headaches.

You’ll be thankful you did!

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