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Will Smith Freestyles Into Summertime And Fresh Prince At Gabrielle Union’s Birthday!

Published October 29, 2012 by gossipzoo

Is it just us, or has Will Smith been more and more frequently re-living his glory days as a rap superstar?!

Over the summer, the actor was more than happy to perform his classic Summertime AND the theme song for his now-classic TV series, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, on multiple occasions, and last night, did it all again in honor of Gabrielle Union‘s 40th birthday party in Miami!

BUT this time around, he even threw in an impromptu FREESTYLE – accompanied by Doug E Fresh beat-boxing – that we have to admit effing KILLS!

Give it a listen (above)!

Sounds like somebody’s STILL GOT IT!


We have to wonder, with all of these recent performances, if he’s innerested in bringing Big Willy Style back for another album sometime soon!

Can’t say we’d be opposed! How about U guys??

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