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Ben Affleck Finally gets credit for Argo

Published February 15, 2013 by gossipzoo

Ben Affleck, the director of an intriguing and unarguably exciting movie Argo finally got the credits he deserved. Having being snubbed by the academy of Motion Picture Arts and science for the category of best director, Ben still clinched the title.

ben affleck argo

At the 65th annual directors Guild of America awards which as at Los Angeles, Ben beat Tom Hooper ( Les Miserables), Kathryn Bigelow ( Zero Dark Thirty) and Steven Spielberg. Either way, if you have ever watched this captivating movie, then you will get what the hype is all about.

Apart from Ben Affleck getting named as an outstanding director, the fact that this is the 3rd time since the start of DGA that its 15000 members have decided to vote in this particular category a nominee that was previously up for the Oscar! Talk about Ben Affleck getting what his due credit.

At the DGA, Ben did tell his audience that he is not yet a real director, but he is well on his way. Well all the best Ben, we are looking forward to yet another blockbuster.

Pictures of Shakira’s Two Angels finally out

Published February 15, 2013 by gossipzoo

The Hips Don’t Lie Hit maker and famous footballs player have finally done it. The first baby picture of a 2 week old Milan was released on Shakira’s UNICEF website showing Pique planting a gentle kiss on his son’s cheek, could it be more adorable?

shakira baby 2013

Shakira had earlier announced on twitter that she would have a picture of her two angels posted on her UNICEF website earlier this week. Being a humble lady and a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Shakira didn’t let Milan have all the glory. In fact, she asked her fans to make donations to a baby shower so that even the needy children get to have a bearable time, talk about good maternal instincts.

Born on the 22nd of January, Milan has only been around for 2 weeks but he’s already turning in to such a hunk. Anyway, what do you expect when both the mother and father look stunning? As 36 year old Shakira and 25 year old Pique step in to the world of parenthood, we wish them all the best.

Russell Crowe Rides A Bike And Stays In Shape

Published November 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

Russell Crowe has been spotted riding his bike and it looks that he is well equipped for that!Nothing compares with some movement and staying in shape is the best thing ever!

Nowadays most of the people stay on a chair in front of a computer and do their normal things like shopping from there instead of just going to the store.


Well,this is more faster and it does not implies any effort like “walking”.

rusell crowe bike

Russell Crowe must be one good example for those who want to stay in shape because without any work you can’t do a lot.

Besides staying in shape you can always admire the view around you and even more!

What could be greater than that?

Outside this you can always do at least hiking,swimming,gym and these will surely keep you healthy.

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Charlie Sheen paying Lindsay Lohan Bills: Possible Reasons

Published November 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood’s top paid actors recently added the title of a philanthropist to his cap. The “Anger management star forked out a cool $100,000 to fellow Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan to help her sort out her six- figure tax arrears.

The question therefore begs, why would he opt to bail her out? May people would think there is something Mr. Sheen is not telling us. Could it be that he has romantic interests in the actress cum- recording artist? The generous donation would make perfect sense in the event that this was the case.

It is not every day that a man will spend such an amount of his hard earned money to help out a lady in distress if he has no further interest in her. However, this is not just any ordinary man. The $100,000 he dished out to Lohan is more or less pocket change to Mr. Sheen.

It could be that Charlie is a great fan of Lohan’s music, or that he sees a lot of talent in her which he would not like to see going to waste, in the event that she was locked up for failing to settle her arrears.

charlie sheen paying bills

Having worked with Lindsay Lohan on set when shooting Scary movie 5, it is possible Mr. Sheen realized just how talented Lindsay Lohan is. This would therefore prompt him to go to her aid, just like the possibility of him having feelings for her would.

Only Mr. Sheen himself can give a true reason for his philanthropic act.For whatever reason he did it however, it was definitely a noble gesture.

Perhaps other Hollywood stars should borrow a leaf from the example set by Mr. Sheen. For Lindsay Lohan, the truth in the phrase “Christmas comes early this year” is quite clear. It can only be hoped that she will not find herself in such a situation in future.

Mila Kunis Not Pregnant as Speculated

Published November 1, 2012 by gossipzoo

Mila Kunis not pregnant is a headline, which appears to have dominated the celebrity magazines and papers. The sexy Black Swan actress has been dating Ashton Kutcher for some months now, however, denies all rumours that she is expecting their child. There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding the pregnancy, since Mila was snapped by the paparazzi with a distinctive baby bump.

The striped tank top that she was wearing on the day in question provided the perfect swollen tummy appearance. The bad camera angle, offset lighting, and clinging top sparked the rumours that she was in fact pregnant. This is just another rumour in the long line that follows stars wherever they go, and both Mila and Ashton are used to the publicity.

Mila and Ashton, alongside their representatives were quick to announce the Mila Kunis not pregnant statement, which should have stopped the rumours. The actress, who was recently voted the sexiest woman in the world, has expressed a desire to be a Mom, however, not just yet.

mila kunis pregnant

The couple has made no secrets about the desire to become parents, however, at separate occasions, and not as a couple. Ashton feels at 34 that his biological clock is ticking and that it maybe is time for him to start a family. The actor is encouraging Mila to consider the possibility that they could have a baby, and be fantastic parents.

This Hollywood couple are incredibly private, and kept the fact that they were dating a secret for many months. Therefore, the rumours that Mila may be pregnant are not a shock, and it would not surprise anyone if she was in fact, expecting their baby. However, for the moment the headlines will need to remain Mila Kunis not pregnant, until they are ready to announce the happy news.

Christina Aguilera the big and beautiful site, earning $3 million for promoting it!

Published October 28, 2012 by gossipzoo

The media has always portrayed the plus sized woman as one who has the 36-24-36 dimensions. This may have put a certain strain in the dating world because beauty is defined to favor certain people more than it does others. Thankfully things are changing and celebrities are being used to change the way we perceive beauty.

The industry is now embracing the curvier type of woman. Christina Aguilera was chosen to be the face of a new dating website for plus size women and this has been embraced by most people. When you compare Christina’s figure when she was younger, she was quite lean and less curvy than she is at the moment.

cristina aguilera the big and beautiful

The fact that she embraces her figure and encourages other women to be proud of their curvier bodies is what made her the perfect choice for the plus size dating site. dating site, will give her a $3 million deal if she accepts the offer. The offer to become the face of the dating site includes Christina doing a TV commercial, two photo shoots, a radio commercial, 4 public appearances and recording a song for the website.

Christina is not shy to flaunt her new curvy figure and this comes as a big boost to the dating site. She even posed naked for her album cover “Lotus.” She no doubt serves as a good role model for other women who have esteem issues because of their plus size figures. It is no surprise that Whitney Thompson, a former America’s Top Model winner and owner of the site, approached her to be the spokes person for the website.
This is a great avenue for promoting the dating site and giving plus size women the opportunity to meet men who are interested in plus size women.

The website describes itself as a website for big and beautiful women with curves

Nicki Minaj, Take Your Seat At American Idol!

Published August 24, 2012 by gossipzoo

Next, Nicki Minaj! This colorful female rapper will join the The American Idol Show idol judges after Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez introduced their departure in the ongoing show. This recent news could just be the finish for what remains from the The American Idol Show fans. Individuals are already leaving comments about her talentless capabilities and just how she’s too a new comer to the music scene to take part in this type of competitive show.

Nicki Minaj first increased in to the spotlight following the discharge of her first album “Pink Friday” which first showed in November of 2010. Nicki Minaj has already established many careers before she hit it large. The majority of her jobs being focused towards customer support have wound up together with her being fired due to her not too friendly behavior towards her clients.

It had not been until 2004 that they made the decision to try a music career by rapping inside a group known as “Hoodstars.” While she is probably not a well known choice like a judge, her will to say herself and voice her opinion will not be missing. She’s a difficult lady the ones won’t be afraid to talk her mind and that is what it really takes to become a judge.

nicki minaj american idol

Since The American Idol Show first made an appearance in 2002, it is a dying sensation that lots of individuals have lost curiosity about mostly as their insufficient creativeness. The show is continually exactly the same every year and also the concept doesn’t draw audiences in like previously. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, the initial knowing panel have left and also, since then your idol judges happen to be shedding off one to another. Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler all came to save the day beginning in ’09 and rapidly left after their season was over.

Mariah Carey expires next together with the recently reported Nicki Minaj and talk of Kanye joining the crew has been thrown up in mid-air. We’ll have to wait and find out exactly what the future holds for The American Idol Show.

Gossip Links! Robert Pattinson goes to The Daily Show

Published August 17, 2012 by gossipzoo

Taylor Lautner had lots of activity recently because of “the cheating” of Billy Burke which is his first appearance towards the Daily Show next scandal.


Jon Stewart stated:

&ldquoListen, the final time I’d a poor breakup, Ben and Jerry got me through. And So I thought we could bond over this and discuss, &lsquoBoy, you’re best. Kick her [Kristen] towards the curb! Whatever.&rsquo&rdquo

Miley Cyrus has job – GirlTalkinSmack

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