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The 5 Must-See Moments From The Miami Monkey Premiere

Published March 5, 2014 by gossipzoo

We love it when things live up to the hype, and the season premiere of Miami Monkey – new episode TONIGHT on VH1 – did not let us down. We expected bikinis, hot guys and girls on South Beach – and of course LOTS of our fave, Big Ang.

The first episode gave us ALL that dialed up to 11 – plus these 5 classic moments:

1. It’s time for throwback, um, Friday? Big Ang IS the cool mom no doubt – I mean she drinks and chills with her kids daily, but when she planned a “throwback Friday” for the bar (doesn’t sound right, does it?), she lost some of her street cred – and earned a coolness lecture from her daughter.

2. Felony murderers make the most loyal husbands. You almost forget that Miami Monkey is a spin-off of Mob Wives… until, that is, Marissa reminded us that her husband won’t be appearing on the show because he’s in prison for murder. Don’t worry, according to Marissa he’s a super-nice guy who was totally “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

3. Ryan interrogates Morgan during her job interview. Nobody expects a damn Spanish Inquisition… especially when they’re interviewing for a bartender’s job. But lead barmaid Ryan def felt a little threatened by the leggy Morgan when she showed up – and grilled her about her fake boobs and her age – which means a quick trip to the HR department anywhere BUT Miami Monkey.

4. Seeing girls excited about having a tail. The new Miami Monkey uniforms are in – complete with bra-like top, tiny little shorts and yes, a long curly tail. This is good news for employees who have to drive up to Orlando for their day job at Disney after their shift.

5. The wolf pack is here. It sure didn’t take long for the girls at the bar to break up into cliques. When Morgan gets mad about not working the bar during the grand opening, she does what any responsible employee would do… she grabs Gabby and Cristina and heads out for drinks instead. Yup, that’s not going to go over well – but it gives us one more reason to get psyched for Sunday’s all-new episode!

Check out an all-new Miami Monkey tonight at 10/9c!

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