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8 Incredibly Iconic Items In Great Movies

Published February 12, 2014 by gossipzoo

Mattel Hoverboard Back To The Future

Every movie has character and story, but sometimes what really makes a narrative move is what those characters want and why the story is even being told in the first place. This usually involves an item. A single item. Nothing more. It can be money or a diamond or a letter. It can be something that the characters will kill to get or kill to protect. An item can tell us everything we need to know about a character or story without anyone having to say it or it can morph a character into something completely different.

Story driving items in film can be the life and blood of a movie. Sometimes it can create an entire franchise. An item can be a reflection of the audience. It can represent our greed, lust, or ambition. It helps us relate with the characters and get more involved with the stories on screen. We may want the same item as bad as the protagonists or we understand why something would be so fantastic to have.

Here, I present a quick list of 10 iconic items from great films where I hope to touch on their presence in the film and why they are great as samples of items that push a film to great heights and why they have become iconic in image. I will avoid living beings, cars, and animated features, to focus the list.

So here is a top eight rundown of great film items that force themselves at the center of the film’s attention…

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