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‘The Originals’ Cast and EP Julie Plec Spill on the CW Family Drama

Published October 18, 2013 by gossipzoo

Above all else, The CW’s Originals, premiering this fall, is “a family drama.” Sure, there are vampires, werewolves, witches, and a soon to be hybrid baby running around, but the spin off of The Vampire Diaries will delve deep into the dark history of the original family.

And get ready because executive producer Julie Plec told Celebuzz and other reporters at San Diego Comic-Con to expect a “more gothic” and “operatic show” which is “a lot more visceral in its violence and tremendously and deeply emotional.”

“Not to soften the genre,” she said, “but it really is a show about the power of family and the lengths you will go to protect it and how deep the wounds are when you betray it.”

With Klaus (Joseph Morgan) we can only assume this betrayal will come in droves.

Fans got a taste of what to expect on the drama when it’s backdoor pilot aired as part of Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. Now, they can check out the director’s cut of the episode on featuring 10 to 15 minutes of unseen footage.

Daniel Gillies, who plays fan favorite original Elijah, said this extra footage will “tell us a lot more about Phoebe’s [Tonkin] character and the pregnancy and Elijah’s interaction with that.” He also teased that the second episode takes place concurrently with the events of the pilot as depicted through Elijah’s eyes.

Morgan, for one, is thrilled to be building the series around this mysterious baby. “The most exciting thing about the storyline is the idea of this bloodthirsty murdering sociopath with a tiny little vulnerable, newborn baby. If he starts to care about that baby and then that relationship is threatened …woe betide the person who comes between them.”

He laughed, “And what will the baby come out looking like?”

Of course, the baby will be threatened and as for how this unknown baby will impact the relationship between Klaus and Hayley, Tonkin said she thinks, “Klaus probably resents Hayley a little bit because he’s been put in this position.” She’s looking forward to seeing how the two characters not only challenge each other but support and protect each other as the series continues.

Klaus’ friend-turned-foe, Marcel (Charles M. Davis), is ready to take on the challenge of playing the hybrid’s worthy adversary. The actor, who got emotional about his first time at Comic-Con, likened Marcel’s journey to preparing for and then competing in the Olympics telling reporters, “you can’t get that high any other way.”

Plec compared the two insanely strong characters as such, “Klaus will lure you in with a sly little grin whereas Marcel will welcome you with a big warm smile and then boom, stab you in the back” adding that “Charles is the dream embodiment of exactly what we thought the character would be.”

I, for one, can’t wait to see what goes down in New Orleans.

The Originals premieres Tuesday October 15 at 8 PM on The CW.

Will you be tuning into The Originals? Are you looking forward to learning more about the original family? How about Marcel and the witches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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