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WWE: 10 Most Terrible Wrestling T-Shirts Of All Time

Published November 30, 2013 by gossipzoo

10 The Rock

Wrestling fans for the most part realise that the world of professional wrestling is its own little bubble. People outside the wrestling bubble don’t know much about the business and what little they do know, they rarely understand. And I don’t mean that as a criticism, it’s completely understandable. It’s no different from a friend being into a regular sport you don’t follow.

And wrestling is no different than other sports in having their own recognizable merchandise/jerseys to show support for the people we follow. The only difference is that while normal sports teams have the tradition of a variation on the same jerseys year after year, wrestling is constantly creating new characters and gimmicks and having to produce merchandise to coincide with every creation.

For the most part the best t-shirts are the ones that have simple logos or slogans that relate to the character. The worst, can be downright embarrassing. From the plain ugly to the ones that took some explaining when asking for a parent to buy, in this article we will be taking a look at some of the worst wrestling t-shirts ever.

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10 Veteran Stars Kurt Russell Could Bring To Fast And Furious 7

Published November 30, 2013 by gossipzoo

Kurt Russell Death Proof

It’s back… One more movie down and the next steps up to the plate. That’s right, Fast & Furious is back with its currently filming seventh instalment… and it’s bringing back absolutely everybody ever. If that’s not good enough for you, Jason Staham is along for the ride, and now the new franchise director James Wan (horror vet that brought us Saw and Insidious) is busting out the big guns by bringing in a veteran…

As revealed last week by a Vin Diesel snapshot taken on set, Snake Plisken himself Kurt Russell is joining the ensemble cast this time around, and if it was up to us, the buck simply wouldn’t stop there. The series is already posturing to be an Expendables on wheels. To keep things from getting stale, maybe it’s time to give fans of the series, and the genre, some fan-service by bringing in some of the biggest vets in the business.

Let’s kick it off…

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WWE: 7 Creative Suggestions That Are Best For Business

Published November 29, 2013 by gossipzoo

Shane Mcmahon

Recently I have been using my new position among the ranks here at WhatCulture to highlight what I, an avid 25-year-plus veteran viewer and supporter of all things pro wrestling (not to mention a wannabe that never was), feel is wrong with the professional “wrasslin” business as it stands today. What really has opened my eyes is that many of you out there (my loyal minions, ha) in Internet-land are not all as smarky as I may have initially surmised.

I have had quite a few online conversations now with people who’ve taken my arguments on board and articulated an intelligent, coherent rebuttal or response, far more so than the expected backlash of actual “smarks” that I was expecting. It seems that I may have shut a few of them up, as just about every point I have showcased can be easily researched with the help of your friends over at Google, and makes many a smark argument invalid. Or as one superstar may put it, “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!”

I am not here to convince you to either love or hate. I am merely here to present to you the facts and how I interpret them from my own point of view based upon my own life experiences. But, after a recent article (which you can read here) where I pointed out that a lot of films nowadays get a lot of flack simply because people can’t lighten up, I realised that although my first article was a positive, I should probably take my own advice as to not sound like a hypocritical douchebag.

So, with that in mind and a new “Positively Paige” outlook on life as I wake up to you this fine Australian morning, I bring to you 7 suggestions that in my opinion can only be what’s “good for business.” These are in fact changes I would make to the current WWE infrastructure as it stands right now, if I was given just one day to run things how I wanted to.

To keep with the current theme of staying positive, I will even go back and find a way to turn some of my previous negatives into positives with a single blast of logic that would even make Captain Spock crack a smile.

Let us begin.

Honorary Note: It’s Time For R.O.H. To Take It Up A Notch

Ring Of Honour

Now, as this has nothing to do with the WWE, it doesn’t obviously make the list, but with TNA all but sinking like a brick in the ocean, we need a “new” alternative. From what I get to see via YouTube or whatever, it seems to me that this fed could be the next big thing, but they dropped the ball big time after the infamous CM Punk pipe bomb.

They should’ve milked it for all that it was worth, but it’s not too late to invest some money and take the next step, because there is a spot that has opened up for a new number two that might not be there for much longer.

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Man Utd: Is Adnan Januzaj The Future?

Published November 29, 2013 by gossipzoo

Adaj Najnu

Adnan Januzaj was an unused substitute in Sir Alex Ferguson’s last match as United manager and whilst the young Belgian did not make it onto the pitch, his inclusion in the match day squad was a subtle hint from Fergie as to where he believed the future of the club lay. His name is one that many may not have been familiar with before the season began but he has quickly acquired the poisoned chalice of being labelled as ‘the next big thing’ at Old Trafford. Whether he can make as much of an impact as an 18-year-old from Portugal, born exactly ten years before him, time will tell.

Unlike Ronaldo, Januzaj did not make a big money move to England, having left Anderlecht to join United as a 16-year-old in 2011 for a nominal fee. He progressed through the club’s youth system and his performances on the club’s pre-season tour this summer led to his inclusion in the first team squad. Known for his creative abilities, he possesses an abundance of attacking flair and likes to run directly at defenders. He impressed in his home league debut for the club against Crystal Palace and followed this up with substitute appearances against Liverpool and most recently West Brom.

With question marks over the fragility of United’s wingers, it would appear that Januzaj may be fast tracked into a regular starting berth. Whilst Ashley Young’s stock is falling rapidly with the fans, if not yet Moyes, Januzaj’s star is on an upward curve. Moyes said recently of Januzaj, “We really think an awful lot of him…it is part of my remit to promote young players and Adnan has been promoted already. The next part is to become a regular first-team player.” All the signs would suggest that Januzaj has a big future ahead of him at Old Trafford.

With a promising career ahead of him many have began to wonder why Januzaj has not yet put pen to paper to a new contract. His contract expires at the end of this season and there have been rumours that Manchester City and Juventus are interested in whisking him away from United by offering a bumper deal. The thought of the player moving to either club would be a sickening blow for United fans. Many will recall the protracted stalling and posturing over a new deal for Paul Pogba, one of United’s brightest talents at the time, which concluded with a move to Juventus. Moyes will no doubt be desperate to avoid a repeat scenario and look to appease the fans after the recent transfer window debacle. He has made it clear that he believes the player is better placed to progress his career by staying with United, “We think this is the best place for producing and giving young players an opportunity. We think we do it better than anybody. I do it, maybe not as well as my predecessor, but at Everton we always put young players in the team when we thought the time was right. It is what we want.”

Moyes has stated that Januzaj “is keen to stay, but he has some influences round him.” This sounds like a thinly veiled swipe at the player’s agent. Loyalty is not a word closely associated with football these days and whether or not the player is holding out for a better offer remains to be seen. If he does decide to move on, questions must be asked about United’s future ambition and their commitment to promoting young talent. Players like Januzaj and Zaha, who hasn’t played a minute since the Community Shield, are precocious talents who can only improve with first team football. It takes a brave manager to dispense of tried and tested players, but the last time United did just that they went on to enjoy great success with the ‘kids’, contrary to opinion at the time.

In his league debut against Crystal Palace Januzaj came on to replace Young and where the latter looked tired and ineffectual, Januzaj provided verve and excitement. Above all he demanded the ball and tried to influence the game, playing with a confidence above his years. If Moyes is true to his word then it would appear that there has never been a better time for Januzaj to gain a regular first team berth. It takes a special player to hold down a starting role at such a young age, but Januzaj has shown enough potential to warrant further first team action. If anything else, regular football may sway his decision over whether to sign a new contract at Old Trafford. He is certainly one player that United should be doing all they can to keep a hold of.

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Everton 3-2 Newcastle – Romelu Lukaku Sinks Hard-Fought Magpies

Published November 28, 2013 by gossipzoo

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

A Man of the match performance from Romelu Lukaku helped Everton overcome Newcastle United at Goodison Park.

The Chelsea loanee -making his home debut for Everton- had a hand in all three of their goals while Loic Remy added to an earlier Yohan Cabaye strike to give the visitors a glimmer of hope.

Lukaku followed on from his goal scoring substitute appearance against West Ham with his first goal at Goodison just five minutes in, slotting home a Kevin Mirallas cross from close range. He turned provider 20 minutes later with a perfectly weighted pass which Ross Barkley ran on to before rolling the ball past Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal to double the home sides advantage.

The Belgian forward netted his second goal of the evening in the 38th minute after a long Tim Howard kick evaded the Newcastle defence leaving Lukaku with the simple task of tapping in.

Newcastle’s first chance of the game came deep in first half stoppage time, Hatem Ben Arfa forcing Howard to palm away at full stretch.

Manager Alan Pardew shuffled the visitors pack at half time, introducing Yohan Cabaye and Mike Williamson in place of Ben Arfa and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. And it was Newcastle who started the second half livelier, Yoan Gouffran going through one on one with Howard only to see his dinked effort come back off the post.

Pardew’s substitutions paid off in the 50th minute when Gouffran squared the ball to Cabaye who fired an unstoppable effort past Howard from 25 yards out.

Lukaku had the chance to seal his hat-trick 20 minutes from time after a quick counter attack saw him with the ball on the edge of Newcastle’s area, only to scoop his effort over the bar.

Everton finished the game with a flutter as substitute Gerard Deulofeu went through on goal only to see Krul standing tall to deny him at the near post. But it was Newcastle who had the last laugh, Loic Remy netting his third goal in two league games to give the away side a fighting chance at the death.

Everton held on though and head in to Saturday’s trip to Manchester City hoping to keep their fine form going, while Newcastle head to Cardiff needing the points to steer clear of the bottom three.

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7 Non-Musicians Who Changed Pop Music Forever

Published November 28, 2013 by gossipzoo

11mag 600

When we talk about music, our conversations generally revolve around singers, songwriters, and musicians. This is only proper, since without such people, we music fans wouldn’t have anything to talk about when we gather together.

It’s lyricists who provide the words that we work to decode. Songwriters write melodies that leave us humming for weeks. Musicians, both studio musicians and band members, are the first to play those amazing guitar solos, drum beats, etc. that leave us hoping to someday achieve their level of magnificence.

The singers take the lyrics and sing them with an amazing proficiency; like the musicians who back them up, we spend hours tuning our voices to reach that same level of greatness. It’s no wonder we talk about such people so much.

However, musicians make up only one part of the music world. There are many other people who contribute to our listening experiences, whether we’re aware of it or not.

These people, while they don’t make music themselves, are just as important as any lyricist, songwriter, or musician.

These people include radio disc jockeys, music journalists, and critics, among others. Such people are important to us because of the way they shape the way we think about music and how we listen to it.

If it weren’t for such non-musicians as mentioned above, I dare say that none of us would have developed any passion for music.

However, even though we owe them a huge debt, we hardly ever give them their due. This is my attempt to make up for my sins in this regard. Here, we’ll talk about ten non-musicians who have made a huge impact on music.

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South Park: 7 Supporting Characters Who Regularly Steal The Show

Published November 27, 2013 by gossipzoo

New South Park Intro Season 17 3d 600x310

South Park Season 17 is now underway, and the little long running animated cartoon is looking better than ever. The brand new (and really rather awesome) title sequence aside, it is pretty much business as usual in the small little mountain town in Colorado. South Park has always had a great ability to deliver incredibly current social commentary through the eyes of four young boys.

Over the years though, South Park has expanded and become about much more. There are a whole town’s worth of supporting characters who can regularly become the main focus, and one of the series’ strengths is that any of them could hold up an episode on their own. Episodes barely featuring the main four are not frequent but do happen, and the show feels none the less for it.

Whether it’s the raucous antics of one of the boys’ parents, or a sex change by a certain teacher, or even a little naive good-hearted boy, there are hundreds of characters that can very easily steal the show. In a 22-minute comedy, such a big cast is impressive and more so Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ability to give each character a fair amount of time in the spotlight. At the same time, they never let the focus go off the boys or the main message of the episode.

South Park can be taken as just pure fun, or an in-depth critical analysis of the world we live in. Let’s stick to the fun for this article as we look into 7 hilarious, larger than life supporting characters who regularly steal the show.

Click ‘Next’ to begin…

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