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MILEY CYRUS Responds To SINEAD O’CONNOR By Mocking Mental Illness, Comparing Her To AMANDA BYNES

Published July 15, 2014 by gossipzoo

In recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, MILEY CYRUS has responded to SINEAD O’CONNOR‘s open letter (in which the latter harshly scolds the 20-year-old singer for her wild ways) by mocking her struggles with mental illness and comparing her to AMANDA BYNES.

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Okay… someone needs to tell Miley that mocking people with mental health problems (like Amanda, who recently was put under conservatorship after it was revealed that she was suffering from schizophrenia and various other mental health issues) is not cool.

The raunchy singer has no use for any words of advice Sinead had to offer, because after reading her rather severe open letter, Miley decided to take offense and respond by mocking the 46-year-old singer… and the unsuspecting Amanda Bynes.

Just a few hours ago, Miley managed to diss both Sinead and Amanda and make fun of people with mental illnesses all in one fell swoop:

Before Amanda Bynes…. There was….

– Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) October 3, 2013

Can you believe her?

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Nick Cannon Wrote an Open Letter to His ‘Sister’ Amanda Bynes

Published October 17, 2013 by gossipzoo

Nick Cannon is the latest celebrity offering love and support to Amanda Bynes as she continues to receive treatment under a police-ordered psychiatric hold in Los Angeles.

In an emotional open letter on his blog Wednesday, Cannon describes Bynes’ current situation as “no laughing matter.”

“I am always the first to say that fame and entertainment is one of the best and easiest occupations to ever have, but one must know how to navigate through the matrix or you may find yourself in a very dark hole,” wrote Cannon, who worked with Bynes on the Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series All That.

He continued:

No one can make it through anything alone … We all end up alone in that dark hole at some point in our lives and if you don’t have a foundation of friends and family to help bring you up and out it makes that journey long and detrimental.

Cannon ends his post by offering an olive branch, referring to Bynes as his “sister.”

“You’re not alone,” he writes. “I’m here for you. I understand. I care and I appreciate you, because that’s what family does and that’s what family is for. I also extend this to anyone else in my life, past or present that may find themselves in hard times. I’m here! Call me! Because I truly believe, the hand you’re helping up today may be the one you’re reaching for tomorrow.”

Bynes was recently put under a 72-hour lockdown after the actress started a fire outside a residence in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, Calif. Her stay was subsequently extended an additional two weeks.

A report from TMZ Thursday says she has been responding well to her medication.

To read Cannon’s letter in full, click here.

AMANDA BYNES Abandoned By Agent, Publicist And Lawyer

Published September 22, 2012 by gossipzoo

Recent celebrity news tells us that AMANDA BYNES was abandoned by her agent, publicist and lawyer.


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Consider Amanda Bynes unretired from acting again… because she no longer has an agent, publicist and an entertainment lawyer!

According to TMZ, the former child actress’ management team was forced to let her go after being a very “extremely difficult” and “uncontrollable” client this past year.

But no, we don’t think this one’s related to her recent mental moral issues or her deadly driving habits.

A source told the site that Amanda has not been getting in touch with her team, which is quite strange considering that they’ve been making multiple (separate) efforts to help her.

In her defense, a Bynes insider has revealed that the star didn’t contact them on purpose because she no longer needed their services now that she’s into fashion.

For real.Photo By PR Photos

LINDSAY LOHAN Complains About Being Jailed, Blasts AMANDA BYNES For Having “No Punishments”

Published September 18, 2012 by gossipzoo

LINDSAY LOHAN complained about being jailed and blasted AMANDA BYNES (or at least the system) for having “no punishments” for all her driving errors and misdemeanors.


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Lindsay Lohan knows she’s got it bad and she still is one of the most feared celebrity drivers for her knack for getting into the wildest car accidents… and almost every time, she either got hospitalized or arrested (usually for being drunk behind the wheel).

And now that another former child star, Amanda Bynes, seems to be following Lindsay‘s dangerous footsteps-she’s lost her car for driving with a suspended license, been busted for DUI, charged for more than one misdemeanor hit-and-runs, photographed doing drugs in her car, and could be thrown into mental/drug rehab anytime soon-Lindsay expected to see Amanda behind bars right now.

Unfortunately for her, Amanda‘s had a little more luck.

On Sunday night, the “Mean Girls” star ranted on Twitter:

“Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +”

Obviously, the Disney star is talking about Amanda, who rose to fame as a young actress on Nickelodeon.

We’re not sure what Lindsay is talking about, but getting your car impounded and license getting suspended count as punishments… But for someone who’s been in and out of jail over the last few years, they probably sound like walks in the park.

Although, it should be noted that Amanda is due to be in court for her hit-and-runs and will be punished if convicted.

But it seems LiLo is happy with the life that she’s currently leading. She tweeted (on a lighter note) afterwards:

“These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all*”

What do you think of Lindsay‘s “mean girl” tweet?

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