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Melissa Joan Hart Jokes: Tucker Taking ‘Long Hiatus’ After Appearance

Published May 21, 2014 by gossipzoo

Melissa Joan Hart enjoys a lot of family-friendly perks, including filming during the summer, while working on her show Melissa & Joey. But she only recently took advantage of one – having her kids join her onscreen.

On an upcoming episode airing July 10, the actress’s youngest son, Tucker, 9 months, makes an appearance as the neighbor’s baby. And it looks like Hart’s little guy is a natural despite his mom’s initial nervousness.

“I couldn’t stay in character! I was watching him like a hawk and forgetting to react as my character would to the situation. It was unnerving,” the mom-of-three confesses to PEOPLE. “But it was so fun to have him there.”

It also helps that Hart’s children – which also includes older sons Mason, 7, and Brady, 5 – are frequent guests to the set.

“They love coming to Mommy’s work but it’s not to see me act, it’s because they know our craft service guy has donuts put away for them. But I’m happy to have them there for whatever reason,” she says.

Melissa Joan Hart and Son Tucker On Set of Melissa & Joey

Courtesy ABC Family

Husband Mark Wilkerson also comes by to support his wife. He was even on hand to help elicit giggles from their baby boy during filming.

As for Tucker’s latest milestones, Hart believes he’s following in his older brothers’ footsteps.

“He is crawling and ready to walk, which I expect him to do fairly soon,” shares the actress. “He has great balance like Brady and he’s very independent like Mason. He’s also clapping, giving kisses and super social.”

Melissa Joan Hart and Son Tucker On Set of Melissa & Joey

Courtesy ABC Family

It also sounds like Tucker has all the makings of a successful actor. So is this the beginning of his TV and movie career?

“He will appear in the Nutrisystem commercials with me this fall, but he’s taking a long hiatus from the business after that,” Hart jokes. “Once he completes college he can consider it.”

To see Tucker in action, make sure to tune in to Melissa & Joey on July 10th for his debut episode, “The Unkindest Cut,” on ABC Family at 8 p.m. E.T.

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