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KRISTEN STEWART: I Kept My “Breaking Dawn” Wedding Ring

Published November 5, 2012 by gossipzoo

Celebrity gossip websites have just learned that KRISTEN STEWART actualy kept her “Breaking Dawn” wedding ring.

Awww! How sentimental of her!


During the first “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” press junket, which was also the first time Kristen Stewart and boyfriend Robert Pattinson appeared together for an interview following her shocking cheating scandal in July, the actress admitted to taking home some of the props from the five “Twilight” movies-including the wedding ring from when Bella married Edward in the first “Breaking Dawn” film.

She told reporters:

“I kept the rings… The rings are really important to me. [Bella’s] mother gives her a moon ring in the beginning and [it] completely reminds me of [the first film’s director] Catherine Hardwicke every time I look at it.”

When asked if she also pocketed Bella’s wedding ring, Kristen replied:

“I have that too… Those are really, really extremely important to me. I love [them].”

Photo Via The “Breaking Dawn” Official Website

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