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KIM KARDASHIAN Pops Her Booty In New Sexy Swimsuit Pic (PHOTOS)

Published August 24, 2012 by gossipzoo

KIM KARDASHIAN pops her famous booty in this new swimsuit pic she shared on Twitter:

kimkardashian rockhard1 460x460

Kanye West is currently being talked about on celebrity gossip websites for his rumored negotiations with American Idol” producers to join the show’s judging panel, but his girlfriend Kim, who regularly shares racy, attention-seeking photos of herself with her fans, decided to steal his spotlight by posting yet another sexy photo of her in a swimsuit.

The bootylicious brunette tweeted the drool-inducing pic above with the caption:

“Rock climbing lol”


Kim then followed it up with another sexy photo of her in a drenched sweater, which she captioned:

“Rock hard”

kimkardashian rockhard2 460x460

I guess we can excuse Kim for the unimaginative captions, as it is quite difficult to think of a witty caption for a sexy bikini photo-especially when you post thousands of them every month.

Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter

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