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10 Blistering Films About Self Destruction

Published June 9, 2014 by gossipzoo


I love films in which people destroy themselves. It warms my cold little black heart. But seriously there is something very interesting in seeing a car wreck life slowly unravel. Yes, I’m a rubber necker and I enjoy the spectacle of people self destructing from my armchair. Whether it is through drugs, booze, gambling, sex or merely through a quirk in one’s nature or life circumstances, self destruction is compelling.

Self destruction in the movies allows us to vicariously live out that path of existence. Our sympathies are usually with the self destructive characters because they are portrayed as victims – a victim of drugs, booze or their own stubborn nature. Self destruction can also be glorified in films with the underlying maxim – “It is better to burn out rather than fade away”. But on the whole, film makers – the serious ones – do a good job of portraying the horror of self destruction and its inevitable consequences as seen in the films below.

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WWE: 7 Creative Suggestions That Are Best For Business

Published November 29, 2013 by gossipzoo

Shane Mcmahon

Recently I have been using my new position among the ranks here at WhatCulture to highlight what I, an avid 25-year-plus veteran viewer and supporter of all things pro wrestling (not to mention a wannabe that never was), feel is wrong with the professional “wrasslin” business as it stands today. What really has opened my eyes is that many of you out there (my loyal minions, ha) in Internet-land are not all as smarky as I may have initially surmised.

I have had quite a few online conversations now with people who’ve taken my arguments on board and articulated an intelligent, coherent rebuttal or response, far more so than the expected backlash of actual “smarks” that I was expecting. It seems that I may have shut a few of them up, as just about every point I have showcased can be easily researched with the help of your friends over at Google, and makes many a smark argument invalid. Or as one superstar may put it, “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!”

I am not here to convince you to either love or hate. I am merely here to present to you the facts and how I interpret them from my own point of view based upon my own life experiences. But, after a recent article (which you can read here) where I pointed out that a lot of films nowadays get a lot of flack simply because people can’t lighten up, I realised that although my first article was a positive, I should probably take my own advice as to not sound like a hypocritical douchebag.

So, with that in mind and a new “Positively Paige” outlook on life as I wake up to you this fine Australian morning, I bring to you 7 suggestions that in my opinion can only be what’s “good for business.” These are in fact changes I would make to the current WWE infrastructure as it stands right now, if I was given just one day to run things how I wanted to.

To keep with the current theme of staying positive, I will even go back and find a way to turn some of my previous negatives into positives with a single blast of logic that would even make Captain Spock crack a smile.

Let us begin.

Honorary Note: It’s Time For R.O.H. To Take It Up A Notch

Ring Of Honour

Now, as this has nothing to do with the WWE, it doesn’t obviously make the list, but with TNA all but sinking like a brick in the ocean, we need a “new” alternative. From what I get to see via YouTube or whatever, it seems to me that this fed could be the next big thing, but they dropped the ball big time after the infamous CM Punk pipe bomb.

They should’ve milked it for all that it was worth, but it’s not too late to invest some money and take the next step, because there is a spot that has opened up for a new number two that might not be there for much longer.

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Star Trek: 10 Things You Need To Be The Ultimate Starfleet Captain

Published August 8, 2013 by gossipzoo

Star Trek Into Darkness Bruce Greenwood

You’ve just graduated Starfleet Academy. Your entire career lies before you, full of promise and opportunity. A few years of hard work, long hours and life threatening away missions and you’ll begin your climb up the Starfleet ladder. Your ultimate goal, the captains chair.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, heck even Whorf and Sulu, they have all sat in the chair. They left their mark. Their legacies are written in the pages of Starfleet history, legends for you to be measured against. Don’t worry, it’s much worse than it sounds.

Fear not noble ensign, for we have prepared this guide for your reference. These ten essentials will help you write your name alongside the legends of Picard and Kirk. Of course, should you choose to ignore these suggestions, you risk being forgotten like Captain John Harriman. Don’t know who he is? Exactly.

So take notes ensign. This is stuff you’re going to need to know.

10. A Starship

Star Trek: The Next Generation

OK, this one is pretty easy. In fact, it’s pretty much out of your hands – someone at Starfleet is going to determine which ship you are assigned to. Yet without a proper starship you won’t be able to do much in the legend writing category. No one ever tells stories about that time the shuttle pilot saved their colony from the Cardassians. Nope, the songs get written about the guys in the big ships. So you need one.

Hey! If a ship is so important, why is number ten on the list? Good question. Actually it’s not, but we knew it was going to be asked anyway. The ship is at number ten because, although it’s incredibly important to writing your legend, you have to earn it. That means you’re going to need the other nine things first. So, number ten it is!

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10 Irresistible Movies Inspired By The Genius Of Shakespeare

Published July 25, 2013 by gossipzoo

The Lion King

As I wait for the one cinema within a two hour drive from my humble abode to finally show its only screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing*, I thought it would be a perfect time to set aside some time to celebrate the Bard’s influential word weaving in cinema.

I recently attended a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theatre and it was an absolute joy to hear people genuinely laugh at the mishaps and the word play which unfolded on stage. Realising the great playwright could still appeal to the modern audience I began thinking about some of the best films I had seen which either Shakespeare’s creations and brilliantly adapted them to their own purposes.

There are more cases of the Bard’s inspiration in cinema than you can shake a spear at (sorry…) so remember, this is the Top Ten Most Awesome Films Inspired By Shakespeare. Awesome is the key word. You will not find Ten Thing’s I hate About You or She’s The Man on this list, I am afraid.

*It has recently come to my attention that Welsh cinemas do not appreciate Shakespeare or Whedon’s non-Avengers projects.

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10 Classic Films With Worrying Morals

Published November 1, 2012 by gossipzoo

Not every film is a fairytale. Not every good guy is going to save the day or get the girl. Not every princess will find her Prince Charming or be awakened by true love’s kiss and not every killer or monster is going to die by the end credits. This is part and parcel of modern cinema, when a happy ending is less assured than ever.

In some films, however, it isn’t the lack of a happy ending that distresses or worries some – it’s the messages and the morals that the film is portraying or glorifying. Just as not every film is a fairytale, not every film needs to have morals wrapped up in neat little packages – but that doesn’t stop some film’s messages or the events of the film suggesting something uncomfortable and sinister and which might have big ramifications for how people see them.

Here are our top ten movies with moral messages that are more than worrying…

10. King Kong (1934/2006)

The progenitor of monster movies, King Kong is a truly iconic character, the massive primate and his story is woven into the history of cinema as the first monster we surprisingly feel empathy for and root for against the human protagonists.

Kong, living on the mysterious Skull Island, is uncovered by an intrepid film crew hoping to film a cannibalism movie when their leading lady Ann Darrow is captured by ‘savages’ and offered as a sacrifice to Kong. Kong develops a love for her which leads to his own capture and imprisonment in New York City.

Ultimately, Kong is the true hero of his film and he always inspires much more sympathy than the film crew we’re meant to be rooting for. Morally, it shines a light on the darkest sides of humanity, the kidnapper and the hunter – when Kong tumbles from the Empire State Building, our hearts break a little as the true hero of the film passes away and feel disgust for the humans who brought him to Manhattan, something revolutionary for film.

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