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Nail Design, Fingernail Art, Nail Style Studio

Published March 10, 2014 by gossipzoo

  • 11252230 – Nail Style Studio Book Kit-

Nail Style Studio provides simple step-by-step instructions to create 25 tween-approved designs for budding fashionistas 10 and up. Though the designs look impressively intricate, our secret weapons make them practically foolproof: A two-sided custom dotting tool makes tiny, perfect dots, and stick-on stencils define crisp, geometric shapes. Our exclusive pallet of practice polish lets any girl try a design, wash it off, and try it again.

Comes with: 60 page book of instructions, practice polish in 6 colors (orange, silver, pink, blue, white, black), two-sided custom dotting tool, over 250 stick-on stencils

Price: $19.99

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