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10 Dullest Star Trek Aliens

Published June 8, 2014 by gossipzoo


Not every Star Trek alien that comes across our TV screens or computer monitors can be interesting. It’s just not going to happen. I’ve accepted that. When creating a “universe” there are going to be some background aliens, those aliens that are only there to prove that there is in fact a universe. They usually have the status of background alien: they walk the halls of starships, mill around at social events or are just one of many in a crowd shot. This is forgivable.

What is not forgivable are those featured aliens that make you wonder why did the writers even bother. Aliens that have so much potential but week after week, series after series, the writers refuse to fulfill. Or worse yet those aliens that are obvious plot devices to further a storyline that has nothing to do with them.

These aliens usually appear for only one episode and are never seen or heard from again but they shall be immortalized on this list – the 10 Dullest Star Trek Aliens.

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Star Trek: The Real Reason Why NBC Cancelled The Original Series Revealed?

Published January 28, 2014 by gossipzoo


We all know why the original Star Trek TV series was cancelled don’t we? Despite the volume of fan support, this simply didn’t translate into viewing figures and the series couldn’t compete. Well, it seems that according to the latest evidence produced in Marc Cushman and Susan Osborn’s book These Are the Voyages: The Original Series: Season One, that this isn’t the entire truth.

Cushman and Osborn’s book is the first in a trilogy about the Original Series and so we won’t know exactly why the series was cancelled until the third season book comes out. But what makes this information so reliable? Well, they have licenced the Nielsen Ratings for each season – the first time they have ever been published. In the first season, the show was the first or second place in its timeslot for every single episode. It was even beating series such as Bewitched during the first season.

We already know some alternative ratings while we wait for the Nielsens. The very first episode of Star Trek received 19.8 percent and 40.6 percent on the Trendex 26-city rating. This means that it was watched by 19.8 percent of all potential television viewers, and an incredible 40.6 percent of all of those watching television at the time. Sure back then there wasn’t the vast volume of channels to whittle away the ratings as there is today, but NBC agreed for a full season within three months and it was renewed for a second season during the following March. According to the Trendex ratings, Star Trek was pushed further down the ratings after ABC moved Bewitched and Love on a Rooftop to compete with it and the show dropped to third in the time slot. However, it seems that on the wider Nielsen ratings, this affect wasn’t seen.

Of course, as with all situations, the networks can’t stop messing with the time slots. So for the second season, it was moved to Friday nights. It was the original “Friday night death slot”. Star Trek beat ABC in the ratings, but was still ranked second in the timeslots. The overall Trendex share had dropped to only 22.5 percent. The thing is, that the show wasn’t even meant to be airing on in the death slot – it had been promised a Tuesday night time slot in order to boost viewers from the first season even further. But after they couldn’t jiggle the time slots, all that was left was the Friday night slot.

Star Trek was hit hard by the Friday night slot – it meant younger viewers couldn’t watch it and besides, this was the sixties – their key demographic simply wasn’t watching television on a Friday night. In fact, the biggest success of that timeslot was the movie of the week on another network. Yep, Star Trek kept losing out to a random movie each week. NBC to their credit looked to replace The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with Star Trek on Monday nights but that just didn’t happen either and it stayed on Friday evenings.

Rumours were spread that cancellation was imminent, although NBC denied this. A fan campaign led by Bjo Trimble (and possibly engineered by Gene Roddenberry) resulted in around 160,000 letters of support being sent to the network. This was of course in a time without the internet or any real way to organise the support – just fanzines. NBC finally realised that Friday night for Star Trek was a terrible idea, and tried to move it to a Monday night instead for the third season. It was going to replace Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, but the presenters kicked up such a fuss and threatened to go to another network that this plans were scrapped. Again Star Trek didn’t have anywhere else to go and it was dumped on an even worse time slot on Friday nights – airing at 10pm.

With that bad a timeslot and with only 181 NBC affiliates out of 210 showing the series, there was simply no way that Star Trek could survive given the budget (even if the third season had been reduced). The actors weren’t happy with the product that the third season was producing and Gene Roddenberry had already walked out. In the end, the ratings weren’t there, it was too expensive and it simply had no one fighting the show’s corner on a daily basis with the network.

The truth of the matter is that NBC took a show that was winning its timeslot and messed with it until it couldn’t possibly survive. I can point to at least three shows this season that the American networks are doing the same thing to, as it is far easier to avoid a negative reaction to a show if no one is watching it or liking it anymore. With Star Trek, NBC simply didn’t bargain that the fan base was as stubborn as hell (good on you all!) and wouldn’t stop wanting the product.

Of course we can all say that NBC made a mistake in cancelling Star Trek. But perhaps the greater mistake is by CBS – after all, they passed on Star Trek and made Lost in Space instead.

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8 Lovable TV Characters That Would Be Insufferable In Real Life

Published January 2, 2014 by gossipzoo

Sheldon Cooper1

You love to watch them on the small screen, but you wouldn’t want to share a pint with them and would probably cross the road to avoid some of them, too. Yes, some of the greatest, most neurotic and charismatic TV characters are also people whom, if they existed in real life, would never find themselves ordering a table for two at their local restaurant.

From the pompous to the whiny, the shrill to the cloying, and featuring a few who would probably benefit from a nice lie down on a psychiatrist’s couch, here are 8 popular TV characters who would make for unbearable company. If there are any characters more deserving of a place on the list, or you feel I’m being too harsh on this particular selection, share your thoughts in the comments section below…

8. Frasier Crane


Dr. Frasier Crane has long since been beloved of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. With his quick, dry wit and lovable fallibilities, Frasier has charmed millions of fans of Cheers and his eponymous spin-off show.

You can only imagine, however, that he would be treated to a different view of the psychiatrist’s couch in real life. Pompous, needy, aloof, vain and a borderline egomaniac, the facets of Frasier’s personality that we laugh at on the show would make him seem overbearing and irredeemably irritating were you on the table next to him at Caf Nervosa.

In his defence, Frasier does seem almost grounded compared to his brother, Niles, who also happens to be one of my all-time favourite sitcom characters and a man the producers described as “what Frasier would be like had he never set foot in Cheers.” Still, he remains a doctor you would hope doesn’t do house calls.

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8 Brilliant Film Cameos From Characters In Completely The Wrong Series

Published December 12, 2013 by gossipzoo


When a company owns the rights to multiple franchises a few cheeky cameos are to be expected. Something for serious fans to watch out for or the foundation of greater expanded universe (the disaster that was AVP started out life as a brilliant little easter egg), it’s all a bit par for the course in an age where every piece of movie trivia ever is at our fingertips.

The odd cases (eight of which I’ll have a look at today) are where the cameos make absolutely no sense. Maybe the company didn’t own the rights to the character they were guest starring or these two worlds had no business colliding, but all of these are as ridiculous as they are brilliant.

Honourable Mention – Pixar


Unless it’s your first day on the Internet, it should come as no surprise to see Pixar appear on this list in some form. Since their very early short film days there was a crossover of designs (a mixture of saving time by reusing animation models and honouring their previous successes) and as time’s gone by it’s only got more prolific; beginning with the Pizza Planet Truck becoming a recurring joke and the chess player from short Geri’s Game popping up as a toy repairer in Toy Story 2, we’re now accustomed to upcoming characters making little cameos in the latest film.

Jessie and Nemo are in Boo’s room in Monsters, Inc., Dug scares Remy in Ratatouille, Merida’s family appear as vehicles in a tapestry in Cars 2; you get the idea. However, there’s such an intrinsic link between all these characters that it doesn’t really deserve its own entry, but I’m always up for giving such gleeful creativity a nod.

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10 Sexiest Star Trek Aliens

Published October 13, 2013 by gossipzoo

Alien Ladies

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of… yadda yadda yadda, where the freaks at? Let’s face a fact about Star Trek here. Sure, there’s a lot of contemporary themes, high-minded concepts and morality plays going on in Gene Roddenberry’s intergalactic sandbox. But somehow it just means so much more to us (men) when there’s a hot alien chick in the mix. Lets us test our own morality with hypothetical questions like: “Chick with a bug’s head… do her/don’t do her?” Pointless really since the answer is always ‘do her’.

In that respect, here for you now I’m going to list my picks for ten sexiest Star Trek aliens, drawing from the pool of all television and film sources save for the Animated Series. Why stop there? Because that would just be weird. I mean, they’re cartoons for crying out loud. And sorry ladies but we’ll be focusing on female aliens here. Why only females? Because otherwise – not to be insensitive but – ewww. While I’m sure there have been plenty of good looking dude aliens in Star Trek, I never noticed them. Except that one time in that Original Series episode with that Apollo guy. He was a pretty good looking dude. And he did wear a toga the whole time which is kinda like a mini-skirt so maybe… NO! No exceptions, dudes are out. Even though Apollo had really great legs.

Along the way you’ll notice that beyond the aforementioned exclusions, this list also omits any aliens who were regular cast members on their respective shows and/or films. (ie. Jadzia Dax, T’Pol, Leeta the Dabo Girl, Savvik, Guinan… what?) The whole list could’ve been compiled with such naturalized alien ladies and where would the challenge be in that? So without further ado and a general SPOILER ALERT for any plot points or details I might give away, here we go.

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8 Reasons JJ Abrams Should Quit Star Wars Episode VII

Published August 11, 2013 by gossipzoo


The fervent rumour has been doing the rounds that J.J Abrams has been getting cold feet regarding directing Star Wars Episode VII, and may be on the verge of bailing; this will apparently hinge on whether or not we hear a titling or casting announcement at Germany’s Star Wars Celebration at the weekend, and without a big announcement, many expect that Abrams will bail from the project in the coming weeks.

LucasFilm has, predictably, been quick to quash the rumour, and indeed, it’s important to take Devin Faraci’s original report only at face value, even if he stated that he had heard the news from several trusted sources at Comic-Con.

All this talk got us thinking, however; maybe Abrams should quit Star Wars Episode VII. Though there’s every likelihood that Abrams will deliver another stellar sci-fi movie, the original announcement of his joining the franchise was met with much ambivalence by fans on both sides of the fence, and that sentiment hasn’t really dissipated yet. Needless to say, there are plenty who would like to see the director replaced, and here are 8 reasons why that should happen…

8. Is His Heart Really In It?

JJ Abrams Star Wars

It’s important to remember that when Abrams name was first raised in connection with another Star Wars movie, he initially swore it off, before having a “change of heart” and deciding that it was something he wanted to do.

Furthermore, the rumours about his impending departure cite the main reason being Abrams’ dissatisfaction with the project being shot in the UK; all of the director’s prior films were shot in Los Angeles, where the director and his family are based.

Shooting in the UK means Abrams being away from his family for around a year, and while his commitment to staying close to his family is commendable, it suggests that, if true, his heart isn’t 100% in this project.

Given how disastrous the “new trilogy” of films was on the whole, a director who isn’t 100% committed to the project could spell disaster moving ahead, and given that Faraci also suggested that Abrams was butting heads with Disney on shooting schedules and locations, it suggests – again, only if true – that the partnership is far from harmonious.

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Star Trek: 10 Things You Need To Be The Ultimate Starfleet Captain

Published August 8, 2013 by gossipzoo

Star Trek Into Darkness Bruce Greenwood

You’ve just graduated Starfleet Academy. Your entire career lies before you, full of promise and opportunity. A few years of hard work, long hours and life threatening away missions and you’ll begin your climb up the Starfleet ladder. Your ultimate goal, the captains chair.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, heck even Whorf and Sulu, they have all sat in the chair. They left their mark. Their legacies are written in the pages of Starfleet history, legends for you to be measured against. Don’t worry, it’s much worse than it sounds.

Fear not noble ensign, for we have prepared this guide for your reference. These ten essentials will help you write your name alongside the legends of Picard and Kirk. Of course, should you choose to ignore these suggestions, you risk being forgotten like Captain John Harriman. Don’t know who he is? Exactly.

So take notes ensign. This is stuff you’re going to need to know.

10. A Starship

Star Trek: The Next Generation

OK, this one is pretty easy. In fact, it’s pretty much out of your hands – someone at Starfleet is going to determine which ship you are assigned to. Yet without a proper starship you won’t be able to do much in the legend writing category. No one ever tells stories about that time the shuttle pilot saved their colony from the Cardassians. Nope, the songs get written about the guys in the big ships. So you need one.

Hey! If a ship is so important, why is number ten on the list? Good question. Actually it’s not, but we knew it was going to be asked anyway. The ship is at number ten because, although it’s incredibly important to writing your legend, you have to earn it. That means you’re going to need the other nine things first. So, number ten it is!

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