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5 MORE Video Game Characters Who Really Deserve A Holiday

Published June 21, 2014 by gossipzoo

Half-Life 2- Freeman Cover

Some video game characters have it easy. I mean, really easy. While others are out risking their lives on an hourly basis, these layabouts are busy out there chilling on an island with a fancy talking water jetpack (Super Mario Sunshine) or counting their infinite lives (Lego games) or sniffing other dogs bums (Nintendogs). This is not an article for them, this is an article dedicated to the hard sloggers who really deserve some downtime.

About a week ago, I wrote ‘5 Video Game Characters Who Really Deserve A Holiday’ which sent some famous characters (including Solid Snake and Joel and Ellie) off on an all-expenses paid trip to another game. And now that I’ve got thinking, and found some disastrous omissions, I think it’s about time to make 5 more characters the happiest little bundles of pixel in the game-verse. It’s time to sit back with your seat placed upright and your tray tables folded away, as we look at 5 MORE Video Game Characters Who Really Deserve A Holiday.

5. Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo)

Chibi Robo2 600x300

In a little cult classic for the Nintendo Gamecube, a small, cute, metallic robot named Chibi-Robo lives in a massive house with a family of equally massive humans and some particularly menacing pets. While this seems to be the set-up for a lovely, cutesy kids game, there are some rather depressing undertones. Little Chibi-Robo is essentially a slave to the family, cleaning up after them and scrubbing around with his trusty toothbrush. He even takes it upon himself to solve some of the family’s problems, keeping the mother and father from arguing and destroying maniacal spiders that would scare the children. Does little Chibi ever get a thank you? No, he never even gets an acknowledgement of his existence.

Chibi needs a holiday where he can finally stop cleaning up after everyone and really learn the value of robots. He also needs to stop being a push over and start to stand up to people. Due to the fact, the lovely little robot never complains, I imagine he has some pent up aggression it would be good to get out. Hmm, yes okay Chibi, I have just the place for you.

Recommended Holiday Destination: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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