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Read The Restraining Order Docs Against Rocker Jack White

Published November 10, 2013 by gossipzoo

Jack White Restraining Order

The estranged wife of White Stripes frontman Jack White really wants her ex to stay far, far away.

Supermodel Karen Elson, who married the rock star in 2005, has even gone so far as to request a temporary restraining order because she lives “in fear” of him, as first reported by TMZ.

She’s even asked the court in Tennessee for her ex to undergo a psychological evaluation as part of the motion filed July 17, according to legal docs obtained by Celebuzz.

Elson, who filed for divorce in September 2012, states in the documents that she only wants her husband to contact her via email and only if it’s about their children Scarlet, 7, and Henry, 6.

Here are her reasons for a restraining order, per the court paperwork:

– Her “husband has continuously attempted to impose his control” over her, which was “standard behavior throughout their marriage.”

– Her estranged husband has sent emails “laced with profanity” and uses “derogatory names.” According to the docs, in an email from White he wrote, “I’m not extending this anymore, and we’re not getting lawyers involved to rip me off.”

– He allegedly “barrages” Elson with “phone calls and emails, preventing her from carrying on her life in any rational way.”

– She believes White’s forms of communication with her are “threatening” and she “fears for her and her children’s safety as a result of the harassment.”

– Elson believes his alleged tactics are “bullying” and is what, in part, led to their marriage meltdown.

– He has a “violent temper” and was apparently charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly attacking someone in Detroit, Mich.

– He was ordered to attend anger management classes by the court.

And there’s more. Elson claims her ex-hubby didn’t want their children in the same class as another musician who “ripped off” his music.

Read the court docs for yourself in the CB! gallery above.

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