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PHOTO: Check Out Taylor Armstrong’s 121-Diamond Engagement Ring

Published January 10, 2014 by gossipzoo

Taylor Armstrong's Engagement Bling

Beverly Hills Housewives know how to bring on the bling, so when it comes to Taylor Armstrong‘s engagement ring she doesn’t disappoint.

Designed by her soon-to-be hubby John Bluher and Los Angeles jeweler Ari Soffer, the bauble has a whopping 121 diamonds.

The solid 18-carat yellow gold ring has a fleur-de-lis design and wrap-around crosses covered in diamonds.

“We paved the sides of the fleur-de-lis and put nine diamonds on every cross,” Soffer told Celebuzz.

“There are 65 diamonds around the band and 56 on the fleur-de-lis.”

That’s a grand total of 2.5 carats!

<img src="; alt="" width="350

(Photo: Ari Soffer)

CB! obtained a similar photo of the bride-to-be’s ring of choice – and in true Housewives fashion, she wanted more sparkles.

“We put in extra diamonds and made hers a little smaller. And they only wanted the best,” said Soffer. “We used extra white perfect diamonds.”

The future husband and wife actually made shopping for the special piece of jewelry a couple’s decision.

“They came in together about three or four months ago and they were really interested in that type of ring. It just stood out to them – the design of the ring just flowed. They thought it complimented everything,” he said.

The outspoken housewife, 42, and mom to 6-year-old Kennedy wanted to go with something unconventional. And there’s nothing understated about it.

“They wanted something different and completely unique,” added the jeweler. “And more of Taylor’s style.”

As first reported by E!, Armstrong got engaged last Thursday when her longtime boyfriend popped the question in a romantic setting made for television – at sunset on the beach in Mexico.

“The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is where we fell in love'” Bluher said in a statement. “It was the perfect choice for this wonderful occasion.”

Rihanna Debuts NEW Song On Saturday Night Live! Check Out Stay AND Diamonds HERE!

Published November 12, 2012 by gossipzoo

While Anne Hathaway showed off her SERIOUS vocal prowess during her Saturday Night Live opening monologue – and some equally serious CRAZY during a HIGHlarious parody of Homeland – Rihanna was ALSO on hand to provide musical accompaniment for the evening!

And luckily for us, the starlet used the opportunity to debut a brand new track from her upcoming album, Unapologetic!

Ch-ch-check out Stay (above)!

WOW! It’s been a long time since we’ve heard her tackle such a straight-up, simple ballad!

But seriously, as far as we’re concerned, she’s never sounded more vulnerable…and STUNNING!

Just another gorgeous step in Rihanna’s ever-evolving sound! LOVE!

And feel free to watch gurlfriend once again remind us how EFFING SICK her latest single, Diamonds, is during her first live performance of the evening…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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