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10 TV Shows That Went From Good To Great In 2013

Published March 9, 2014 by gossipzoo



The Godfather: Part II and The Empire Strikes Back are two lofty examples of when a sequel bests its already praise-worthy first chapter. This is not something that happens often, but when it does, it is something to experience. But what about television? Though a different medium entirely, the basic premise is the same, with the goal of entertaining, enthralling, enlightening and even enriching audiences.

Just as with movies and their sequels, the first season of any show isn’t always the best judge of its quality: in fact, most TV shows start out with relatively weak first seasons as the writers, directors and actors adapt to the cast and story dynamics – finding their feet, if you will. After an exhaustive search for shows that ratcheted up their quality in the present season, compared to the previous one, I’ve compiled this list of 10 shows that have gone from good to great in 2013.

They all weigh in from a variety of genres from superhero to police procedural to forensic anthropology (yes, you read that right). And if you notice any puns, they’re all, of course, wholly unintentional…

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