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Blake Lively Gets Confused By Fashion Seasons Too!!

Published October 28, 2013 by gossipzoo

We don’t know about you, but we just heaved a HUGE sigh of relief!

Various Fashion Weeks, Fashion Month, and seasonal runways that don’t occur in the correct seasons are enough to make anyone’s head spin, and it feels so much better knowing that even a fashion pro like Blake Lively doesn’t always know what’s going on!!

On top of that, she’s not afraid to admit it!

The actress opened up to Vogue UK at Milan Fashion Week about confusing collections, saying:

“It was actually really funny leading up to it because I was saying: ‘I wonder what the collection is like, I wonder if it will be bright, or dark,’ and someone said: ‘Well it might be bright because it’s spring,’ and I said: ‘No, it’s fall,’ and they said: ‘It’s spring!’ And of course they’re not showing fall collections in the fall! It’s funny, as involved as I am in fashion and as much a part of my life as it is, I still thought: ‘Oh!'”

Gawd, right??

In September, Fashion Week brings us looks for the spring. In February, we scout out looks for the fall. In the early summer, we get to see Resort collections. And even though “Resort” sounds like a beach vacation, it actually refers to clothing designed for winter.

Then of course summer styles can’t simply be called summer collections, as they have instead been dubbed Pre-Fall — which makes sense, but at the same time does it really??

We’ll leave that for you to ponder yourselves, LOLz!


Published April 16, 2012 by gossipzoo

Every time I’ve gone to buy a new springtime piece, add-ons or clothing, I always move straight to the particular crazy-bright neon citrus, being a moth to a flame! Ever since Lily Collins rocked the particular lime mini dress about our 03 cover, I recently cannot get enough. I acquired a vivid neon pink budget, I’ve been wrapping neon bracelets close to my hands like crazy, and today I cannot withstand these vivid Rebecca Minkoff sandals. They’re everything I’d like in a shoe for summer season ?a comfortable fundamental shape, good price to get a snazzy brand just like Rebecca Minkoff, and the best pop to your summer attire. Or, the perfect way to complete my transformation in to a human highlighter come july 1st (cc: @josaltz my personal partner within neon fashion offense)! They’re available right now at rebeccaminkoff.com and they can be found in neon hot pink, too.

Rebecca Minkoff sandals

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