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Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Matt Smith Should Regenerate Into John Hurt As 12th Doctor

Published May 25, 2014 by gossipzoo

Cover John Hurt

Before they actually go and announce the identity of the 12th Doctor tonight and crush all my dreams, I make this one last appeal…

If the title didn’t make the fact perfectly clear, there are spoilers to be found here. Some of them are from 1986, but still. Not everybody may have gotten around to seeing Trial of a Timelord in its entirety yet, and they may still be harboring some hope that it all resolves in a satisfying and interesting way. (About that…)

In any case – Here be Spoilers, Matey. Arggh. Yo ho ho, or does nobody actually say that?


OK, starting now. Last chance to miss out on anything that the title of this article didn’t already spoil for you.

Are we all emotionally prepared? OK, on your own head be it from this point forward.

There’s been a great deal of speculation, obviously, following the reveal at the end of The Name of the Doctor that John Hurt was in fact The Doctor.

Most of the discussion has revolved around where exactly in the numbering system John Hurt was going to fall. General consensus seems to feel that he’s probably between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, making him roughly speaking the Eighth and a half Doctor or thereabouts. Curiously, a lot of the anxiety around the revelation of the John Hurt Doctor seems to focus on the implications for the numbering scheme, which frankly says a lot about us as a fan group.

I haven’t actually seen the Comic Con footage because it appears that a stern warning from Stephen Moffat is curiously effective… But still, that’s the kind of thing that leads to suddenly having Jenna Louise-Coleman in Asylum of the Daleks without warning so I’m sort of for that. In any case – I haven’t seen the Comic Con trailer, but from what I’ve heard the general implication is that John Hurt’s Doctor appears to be fighting the Time War against the Daleks, lending credence to the 8 1/2 theory.

But Stephen and crew have misled us before, and clearly there is a better choice. Matt Smith should regenerate into John Hurt this Christmas.

Here’s why…

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Doctor Who: Matt Smith’s 10 Greatest Moments

Published February 4, 2013 by gossipzoo

matt smith doctor who bow tie

Personally, I find Matt Smith to be the most interesting Doctor of the New Who, due to my comparison to the New Who doctors as grades in high school.

Nine (Christopher Eccleston) represents the freshman year, as he is obviously a little off, not entirely in touch with everything that happens around him, and is unnaturally susceptible to falling head over heels for someone. Ten (David Tennant), who is my favorite and my personal first Doctor, represents the sophomore year- he’s more matured, knows exactly what he wants in the world, but breaks like a Sherlockian when bad things happen. Eleven (Matt Smith), the current Doctor, and possibly will be the longest running Doctor of the New Who, represents the 11th grade, far more comfortable in his own skin and much more free-willing and fun to be around, but when push comes to shove has horror stories from his previous days that will darken his face like a raincloud.

This makes him the most mature and the most proud of the Doctors, living his life with either the purpose to bring joy or to win solemnly, Eleven is a true hero of a character.

And it’s not difficult to see why. If there was any doubt, here are his 10 greatest moments…

10. Vincent And The Doctor – Museum Scene

Van Gogh Dr Who

Very possibly the most dramatic and emotional moment that Doctor Who has ever encountered, the season 5 episode ‘Vincent and the Doctor’, which has Eleven and his companion Amelia Pond running around 19th Century Europe with the famous and troubled painter Vincent Van Gogh. The episode crescendos not with the monster of the episode being defeated, but after that, when the two bring Van Gogh with them to an art museum in the modern day, where, barely able to contain his excitement for his new friend, Eleven asks the curator (Bill Nighy) to explain what he thinks of Van Gogh’s art.

The next minute, as Van Gogh overhears the curator’s explanation to the Doctor of how he believes this man to be the finest painter in history, is a flood of emotions that is hard to match. The entire time, the shots show snippets of the Doctor’s face during this, and his joy and pride at making a sad man feel so unbearable happy is infectious if not a plague.

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