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GTA V Online: 5 Ways To Spend Your $500,000

Published January 19, 2014 by gossipzoo



Today, Rockstar Games boosted everyone’s online Grand Theft Auto V bank account by releasing the previously-promised $500,000 as way of apology for the horrendous bugs that blighted Online’s release last month.

Anyone who played GTA Online in October will receive the compensatory package and players should start seeing the funds going in from today.

Rockstar expect the cash to have been doled out across its whole fanbase by the end of play tomorrow (Friday), and wrote on their blog asking for fans to be patient if they haven’t seen a boost to their bank accounts yet.

The in-game payment, which has been dubbed by the publishers as a “stimulus package”, is Rockstar’s way of offering something of an olive branch to those who experienced difficulties logging into the servers during the troubled first two weeks of Online’s release.

And, with everyone’s bank balance starting to look just that little bit healthier, fans can begin thinking what exactly they’re going to spend their new-found heap of cash on.

With money no longer an object, gamers can start treating themselves to some luxurious and decadent products, and here, we take a look at 5 Ways To Spend Your $500,000.

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