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10 Comic Book Movie Villain Plots We’re All Sick Of Seeing

Published May 8, 2014 by gossipzoo

The Dark Knight Heath Ledger

The secret behind a great comic book villain is, of course, a great villainous scheme; it has to be original, maybe a little outlandish, and fiendishly clever to allow us to really get behind the hero’s quest to stop them.

Some fantastic villain schemes, however, have been done to death so much that we as audiences have become pretty much sick of seeing them, such that we end up groaning whenever another superhero movie director tries to force them down our throat.

It just demonstrates a patent lack of imagination, and no matter how colorful and thrilling the rest of the film is, without a daring and unique scheme for the hero to contend with, the movie just isn’t going to be able to hang with the big boys of the genre. Here are 10 comic book movie villain plots we’re all sick of seeing…

10. “You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die”

Iron Man 2 Mickey Rourke

Appears In: Spider-Man 3, Iron Man 2 & The Dark Knight Rises

Aren’t we past this sort of plot by now? It’s one of the most arbitrary and lazy villain narratives you could possibly weave; while in Spider-Man 3 and TDKR it had at least been telegraphed from earlier movies, where the heroes “killed” the villain’s respective fathers, in Iron Man 2 it is just thrown in there for the Hell of it.

Given that this is our first time meeting Ivan Vanko and our first time hearing about his father’s death, there’s not much time for us to emotionally engage with his trauma, and as a result, we don’t really care. It’s such an easy plot to establish that it instantly makes me assume the filmmakers are lazy and don’t really care either; enough of this, and get on with something a little more imaginative.

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10 Movies That Stunned Comic-Con (But Regular Audiences Hated)

Published November 3, 2013 by gossipzoo

Green Lantern

Every July, over 100,000 geeks, nerds, fanatics, whatever you want to call them, descend upon San Diego for four days of panels from their favourite TV, comic and movie stars, as well as exclusive screenings, and anything else that might comprise a huge celebration of everything geek.

It is the location from which the fates of many classic movies have been decided, for an ecstatic reception from the Comic-Con legion will hopefully reverberate through to the more casual masses.

However, that sadly isn’t always the case, and as enthusiastic as a SDCC crowd can be – because how could you not be stoked to be there? – the more pragmatic, down-to-Earth dissection a movie will get back in reality often proves nowhere near as strong. When watched in the more sober setting of your local cinema, those magical moments won’t seem quite as spectacular as they did when you were sat mere feet away from Robert Downey Jr.

Of course, much of the manipulation is simply down to fans being presented with a great trailer, but in the grand SDCC tradition, often entire movies will be screened in Hall H to a rapturous response, only for “regular” audiences to fail to connect with them down the line. Here are 10 movies that stunned Comic-Con, but regular audiences hated…

10. Dredd


The Buzz: Dredd screened in its entirety sat 2012 s Comic-Con and totally brought the house down. Blogger attendees praised the movie’s ultra-violence, its fine acting, and the cleverness of Karl Urban’s ruse, to lure audiences to the screening with the promise that it was footage from Star Trek Into Darkness.

Regular Audiences: Despite strong critical reviews and a consensus that it vastly outshone Sylvester Stallone’s wretched 1995 effort, Dredd failed to make its budget back at the box office, essentially nixing inevitable plans for a sequel.

The likelihood is that audiences were so perturbed by Stallone’s take that they simply didn’t trust what they’d seen in trailers to deliver a reboot worth their time. Con fanboys, knowing better (and not having to pay to see it), loved the film for what it was.

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